What Size Bed Should a Single Man Have?

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Being a single man has a lot of perks—you get to focus on your career, control your finances, and have more time for social gatherings. Best of all, you have a comfortable bed all to yourself. You don’t have to worry about your sleeping position, how loud you snore, or how long you’ve been sleeping.

What size bed should a single man have? If you’re around 5 feet 5 inches, choose a full-size bed for sleeping. If you are tall or like to move around more, go for a queen. Another factor to think of is that the bed should be able to accommodate your future needs. This includes dating and having someone to share the bed with.

Single Man Sleeping on Bed

Full-Size Bed

Full-size beds (also called double beds) are ideal for single sleepers because they provide extra room for you to stretch and change sleeping positions. A double bed usually measures 54 x 75 inches, although this would vary depending on the manufacturer or the country you’re in. A double bed is ideal for rooms that are 9×9 square feet in size.

Queen Bed

If you’re around 6 feet, consider a queen bed, granted that it perfectly fits the size of your room. A queen bed measures 60 x 80 inches long, which is a few sizes away from the double bed. It can also fit in a room that is 10×10 square feet in size.

Common Bed Sizes

Then again, the final choice will depend on you, the size of your room, your current living conditions, and your preferences. Bed sizes usually vary from one country to another. In the United States, the most common bed sizes are twin/single, double/full-size, queen, California King (the longest bed), and Eastern King (the widest bed). There are other sizes in other places, such as small double, double XL, and many more. With a wide range of bed choices, a single man won’t have a hard time choosing the bed that fits him the most if he knows how to estimate sizes and prices. Just remember that buying the standard sizes will make it easier for you to find matching mattress covers or sheets for your bed.

Here are solutions to some of the most commonly asked questions in terms of finding the best bed sizes to sleep in.

Can a Single Adult Man Also Have a Twin Bed?

Minimal Twin Bed

Maybe you’re too shy to ask at times, but as a single man, can’t I just buy a single size bed instead? First, let’s make it clear that twin and single beds are of the same size. The only difference is that a single bed is supposed to partner with another single bed. This is where the term “twin bed” terminology comes in. Single beds are meant for one person only, but you can’t move around as much as when you’re in a double/full-size bed. Nevertheless, Single beds can still be ideal for those who stay in relatively small rooms. A single/twin bed is also often used in children’s bedrooms as a transition from cribs or smaller beds.

What Is the Size of a Single Bed?

A single bed is quite small, as it only measures 39 x 75 inches. At the same time, a single/twin size bed restricts you from moving and stretching while asleep. With this, the best choice will still be a double or full-size bed. Nonetheless, a single bed best fits a 7×10 bedroom, making it a perfect choice for smaller living spaces.

Check out Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Single Bed Frame (view on Amazon). It has a unique and sturdy design, and it is easy to assemble. This chic frame can fit well into small rooms and also has enough storage space under the bed for linens, clothing, or other items.

What Size Bed Should a Couple Have?

You can never expect when love hits you. One day, you’ll wake up feeling strange because you already have someone to share your bed with. When this happens, you don’t have to rush to the nearest store to buy a bigger bed. That is if you’re using a double size bed or a queen bed that can accommodate two people. A queen bed is a more popular pick for couples because it gives them enough space to move but still provides more reasons to snuggle because it is not overly spacious. However, if you move around way too much or want more personal space, you can go for a king-size bed.

If you’re looking for a queen-size bed, check out Zinus Upholstered Platform Queen Bed (view on Amazon). This modern style bed frame is complete with foam-padded dark grey upholstery. It’s easy to assemble, and it is also available in full and king sizes.

A great bed frame is never complete without a mattress, so be sure to check out Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Queen Mattress (view on Amazon) as well. This Memory Foam and green tea extract provide comfort, freshness, and support for a good night’s sleep. This high-density foam is CertiPUR US Certified and is known for its durability and stability.

How Do I Choose the Right Bed Size for My Bedroom?

Comfy Bed with Pillows

I’ve mentioned the importance of room size when it comes to choosing your bed. Another essential thing to ask yourself is this: which matters more, is it the space in your bed or the area for furniture and many other things? That one you would have to decide on, but here are a few things to consider when choosing the right bed size for your bedroom:

  1. Take note of the actual dimensions of your bedroom and your own height and size.
  2. Note down different bed sizes and measure how much space it will take up in your bedroom.
  3. List down the furniture and other equipment that will be inside your room. This can help you picture how your room will look like once everything is set up.
  4. Do your research. Narrow down your search for a bed by determining your estimated budget and preferences.
  5. Think about your present situation, but don’t forget to consider your future needs. Note down any future items you wish to place in your bedroom and make sure that your target bed will fit right into your current bedroom.

What Other Bed Essentials Should a Single Man Have?

Your bedroom essentials are as crucial as your choice of bed. A man cave is complete once your bed is covered with clean and fresh sheets and topped with big, soft pillows. It’s also nice to keep your room neat and use a purifier, such as the Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier (view on Amazon). It captures allergens, mold, odor, smoke, dust, and germs. It’s also quiet and the filter is washable.

Conclusion – What Size Bed Should a Single Man Have?

Choosing a bed as a single man may sound easy, but it is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make. You will have to consider your current living conditions to make sure your bed fits into your bedroom. At the same time, you have to think about the future. To save money, you can buy a queen bed that can accommodate you or even your future girlfriend or partner. However, this can mean less living space in your man cave. To save space, go for a twin or double bed, but you would have to buy a queen or even a king-size bed by the time you’re no longer single. It may sound confusing and overwhelming, but the key is to stick to your preferences and stay within the middle range. A great plan is to buy a double bed that can still accommodate two people, but it is also ideal for saving space for other things. Other than that, the choice is always yours. What matters is that you are comfortable and able to get a good night’s rest.

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