Do You Need a Cover for a Memory Foam Mattress?

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A memory foam mattress has a specific design and function compared to conventional mattresses. It conforms to our body shape, which helps us get better sleep in any position. Conventional mattresses use special covers that make them more comfortable to lie on without feeling or noticing the springs or coils below it.

So, do you need a cover for your memory foam mattress? Yes. It is for protection against dirt and dust. Covering your memory foam ensures its longevity as it protects the foam from accidental spills, bedwetting, and other factors that could damage it. It also keeps the foam’s breathability and prevents the growth of allergens.

This article will tell you more about memory foam covers and how they work for your memory foam. Also, a how-to guide is included to help you find the best cover for your memory foam mattress and on maintaining your cover and foam’s cleanliness.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Covers Versus Standard Mattress Covers

Many ask whether a conventional mattress cover for innerspring or coil mattresses can fit on memory foams. However, the big question is that if it gives the same protection without sacrificing the comfort and breathability of the memory foam mattress.

Technically, using the standard mattress covers for coil mattresses can give the same external protection for memory foam against dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens and bed pests that could affect your sleep. However, in protecting the memory foam from spills and moisture, a conventional mattress cover may not be enough, as most of them are not waterproof.

Most memory foam dealers sell memory foam covers at a separate package. This is not a business strategy to get more money in selling these covers. It is for hygiene purposes, and it also keeps the changeability of the cover. You can easily change the covers to your desired color, texture, and even its thickness. Also, separating the cover from the memory foam makes the cover washable, whether hand-washed or machine-washed.

Tips on Maintaining the Cleanliness and Shell-Life of Memory Foam

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The first thing to consider when maintaining your memory foam’s durability and longevity is to have a memory foam cover. These covers are made especially for memory foam mattresses, and it keeps the mattress from dust, bugs, and accidental spills, and moisture. Without it, your foam can be damaged by the liquid, and it is uncomfortable sleeping on a memory foam mattress with dust or bugs on it.

To help you make the most out of your memory foam and cover and to keep its shell-life longer, here are some tips on how to clean your memory foam mattress and covers:

  • Clean your mattress and wash/change your covers at least once or twice in a month. Keeping a regular cleaning cycle on your memory foam mattress and cover will ensure a much comfortable sleep every night. Regular cleaning keeps the cover clean and breathable, removes bugs, bacteria, and other harmful elements that can destroy the cover and the mattress’ durability.
  • Machine-wash the memory foam cover. While hand-wash can still make the foam cover clean, machine wash can target all parts of the cover and removes the smallest stain, dust particles, and even pests that could have nested on it.
  • Never use a lot of liquid on your mattress when cleaning. If there is a stain on your mattress, add a little liquid mixed with detergent to remove it. Once the liquid detergent applies to the stain, perform the usual vacuum cleaning on the mattress. This should remove the stain without the need to scrub it. Scrubbing can potentially damage the foam and destroy its conforming features.
  • Choose the manufacturer’s memory foam cover. The best way to have a well-fitted memory foam cover is to buy it from the memory foam manufacturer. Their covers are designed to fit well to their foams and get a good return deal or warranties when the cover or foam doesn’t work well or on its expected quality.

The ability to maintain a tidy cover and memory foam ensures better sleep at night or whenever you lie down on your bed. Plus, a cleaner cover keeps you away from any harmful allergens, skin diseases brought by bed pests, and other diseases caused by molds that form on foams with trapped moisture in it.

How to Find the Best Memory Foam Cover

While it is recommended to get your memory foam cover at the foam dealer where you’ve got your mattress, you can still get your cover from any store, whether in-world or online. If you are looking at Amazon right now, the first thing you want to check is the customer reviews. While the product description looks convincing, user experience can still give you enough information about the product according to their usage in a specific duration of time.

Start by typing in the keyword “memory foam mattress cover”, and you will see a lot of them. On the filters list on the left side, select those with 4-star ratings and up. These products that show up on the search results after applying the filter are all highly-recommended regardless of the price.

On a Budget

If you’re on a budget, use the “Sort By” drop-down option on the upper right side. Select “Price: Low to High” to get the mattress covers with the lowest price first. Then, you can apply the star rating filter, and you will find the best mattress covers on this online catalog.

The best part about looking for your mattress cover online is the broader selection of textures, colors, size, and even the thickness that should suit well with your mattress. Plus, you can also see customer reviews and ratings that should help you decide whether to buy the memory foam cover or not.

Our Selection

To help you shorten up the list of the best memory foam covers, here are some recommended memory foam mattress covers, and what we think of them:

The one thing that is noticeable in this memory foam mattress protector is its sheets. It is made with cotton material that has a waterproof membrane made from vinyl and phthalate and is PVC-free to maintain comfort. As it is not made of plastic, it does not crinkle with any sleeping movements or positions. The SafeRest has an elastic mesh to keep the cover in place. It comes with a lot of mattress sizes, so you can choose the best variant to fit in your memory foam mattress. It is also highly-rated with over 40,000 reviews to date and is one of the best sellers from SafeRest.

The phthalate-free, soft, waterproof membrane of this mattress cover is ultra-thin. This helps you get the feel of a soft bed without getting the crinkles in every move. It also has a breathable bamboo terry that keeps the ventilation fresh and airy for a more comfortable sleep at any time of the day. The non-toxic barriers keep you and your family safe from harmful elements but are potent enough to kill bed pests. Plus, it does not pick up oil and sweat from your skin because of its non-absorbent bamboo terry.

The mix of bamboo and cotton has made this mattress cover a comfortable sheet to lay down on, without experiencing that humid feeling or scratchy texture. It is also noticeably breathable and soft, while its ultra-thin layers keep ventilation at its coolest. It also has a STRATOSMART barrier that keeps all fluids away from the mattress and has hypoallergenic properties and bed pests control features for better comfort in sleep without exposing yourself to health risks. This is also chosen by many and has an ample number of reviews with good ratings about this product.

Conclusion – Do You Need a Cover for a Memory Foam Mattress?

Having a great memory foam mattress cover does not just keep your mattress clean and dust-free. It is also a factor in your sleep cycle. The quality of the sheets determines the comfortability in your sleep. While most people do not add covers to memory foam mattresses because of its own cover, not all memory foam mattresses are covered with the best sheets to keep it waterproof and dust-free.

These two elements water and dust are so potent that keeping it in your mattress will inevitably shorten the life span of your memory foam mattress and makes it prone to mold growth between the foam layers exposed to moisture. To keep your mattresses safe for sleeping, whether you are a child or an adult sleeper, you should consider cleaning it regularly and having a dedicated mattress cover on top of your memory foam mattress.

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