What is a Rollaway Bed?

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For many nowadays, sleep is a luxury. With so much going on in the world and in each person’s personal lives, many no longer have the time for the little intricacies of going to bed. In fact, for some, it is sometimes easier to just find someplace quick to lay their heads and hit the hay.

What is a rollaway bed? It is exactly as the name implies, a single sized rollable and foldable bed frame. Most rollaway beds come with a mattress, but sometimes they come separately. The idea behind this bed is for convenience purposes, such as for quick use or easy storage.

But, there is more to this bed than its simple definition. As you have figured, due to its convenience, it is a bed that’s become very popular in all parts of the world. Although it doesn’t really replace the comfort of a standard bed, you can still find many exciting uses for this wonderful creative invention. That’s what we’re going to have a look at in this article.

Rollaway Bed

About Rollaway Beds

As to the invention of rollaway beds, it is not exactly known who or where it all began. However, there are notable individuals who’ve contributed to its improvements or have added their unique design on it. Over time, technology has developed, thus giving people the potential to express their creativity and address specific individual needs.

Special Feature

There are now a wide variety of rollaway beds you can find. They commonly come in bed form, but some have evolved into rollaway couches or chairs. The special feature of the rollaway bed is the wheels. This is what sets it apart from the foldable bed and is probably what makes it superior.

The small but strong wheels allow it to be transferred from location to location without any stress. Foldable beds do tend to have a handle so that it could be easier to carry, but if you’ve ever moved a mattress or bed frame before, you’ll understand how difficult and sometimes frustrating it can be. Although mattresses look soft and light, they are very awkward to carry. Having wheels for easy transporting is a huge attractive bonus for most people.

Unique Uses

Despite its popularity, rollaway beds are not that common in homes. This is not surprising, though, as people prefer to sleep in regular stationary beds. Also, they aren’t as comfy to use on a daily basis if you compare them to regular beds.

Rollaway beds are generally used for guest rooms or when you have extra people staying the night. This type of bed is mostly used in hotels, motels, and also hostels due to their small size and portable capability. Because rollaway beds are single sized, they don’t take up much space and can be placed anywhere in the room.

In addition, rollaway beds are also foldable. With hinges in the center of the frame, it easily folds in half and firmly remains that way unless opened up. If it comes with a mattress, these are also designed to fold easily without resistance. This is another very attractive feature as it can open the possibilities to take the bed with you wherever you go, even for camping if you really wanted to.

Types of Rollaway Beds

All rollaway beds do the same thing and are meant for the same things. But, there are still different types you can get. These three common types are the Standard Rollaway Bed, Cabinet Rollaway Bed, and Ottoman Rollaway bed.

Standard Rollaway Bed

This is your regular rollaway bed and the most common you can find. If you’re not looking for something fancy and just something simple to do the job, this is one you should consider. Its frame is made up of angular or tubular steel with planks for standing. The frame is fitted with a wire spring net or polypropylene to support the mattress you place on top. You can get this type of bed in slightly different widths and lengths, ranging from 31-48 inches in width and 73-78 inches in length.

Cabinet Rollaway Bed

If limited space is really a problem for you but you still want to have something more comfortable or luxurious, then you might like this type of rollaway bed. It has the frame and mattress just like the standard rollaway bed but can only come in three sizes, which are twin, double, and queen. This is because the bed is stored inside the cabinet, ready to be pulled out like a drawer and slide back in when done. The cabinet itself also has wheels, so you can imagine how useful it is to have a moving cabinet in your home.

Ottoman Rollaway Bed

Finally, this rollaway bed is very similar to the standard rollaway bed. The main difference is that it folds in thirds and a slide cover is given for the ottoman look. These come more in cots than your regular twin bed, which are smaller in size.

Qualities in a Rollaway Bed

We have already established that rollaway beds are not your everyday bed. Therefore, as a smart buyer, you’ll want to make sure that you or your guest sleep conveniently during the night.

A lot of rollaway beds are manufactured each year due to its increasing popularity and no two products are created the same. For this reason, careful consideration must be taken to get the most out of your hard-earned money.


Buying a durable rollaway bed is a good investment as it can serve both you and your visitors. Keep in mind that an expensive bed does not always equate to being the best and a cheap one doesn’t always mean poor quality. You need to look closely at the materials. Plus, how you take care of it always plays a significant role.

Most rollaway beds are made from steel, but there are some that can come in aluminum and wood. If you want the sturdiest, wood is the best option. The only downside is that it is not as easy and convenient to fold and to transfer as it is a heavier material.

Durability is important for all products. Whenever you want to buy a piece of equipment or tool, you should always be checking to see if the product could last for a long time. As for a rollaway bed, you should also check if it could handle your weight. Most rollaway beds can handle up to 300lbs, so you should normally be fine with any kind.

One thing to remember, though, is the different kinds of wheels you can get in a rollaway bed. Most will have casters, which are small and can turn in any direction. These are the most convenient and are perfect if you transfer your rollaway bed often. Some rollaway beds come with bigger and more rounded wheels. These can usually hold more weight and are useful when moving around sick patients.


Although rollaway beds do not offer the same level of comfort as your regular bed, it is still crucial to choose one that delivers support and balance to users. To have an ideal comfortable mattress, you should look for three things. The first is the cover. What kind of material do you want to lay on? The second is the memory foam. These can come in varying depths, so how many inches of this do you want? Lastly, the support foam. Just like the memory foam, how thick do you want this to be?

For many, it is the memory foam they’re after. Memory foams are sensitive to pressure, so when laid upon, it molds into the shape of the individual’s body. This is great for relieving hard or firm pressure when laying down. As for the support foam, you could say that this is your cushion. Some people prefer to only have a short memory foam and have a long support foam. Of course, there are some who are more into the aesthetics side and focus on the cover.

Related Questions

A rollaway bed (view on Amazon) is very useful and handy if you know what it’s for and how you can use it. This is why you’ll mostly find them in hotels or hospitals because they’re more for temporary use. However, looking into any product or item shouldn’t stop you from taking it seriously. So, here are a few questions you can also think about before buying one.

  • What is your budget” – Above all things, have the resolve to know how much you want to put into a rollaway bed. Having the price range ready to go means that it’ll be easier to know where to search and what to search for. This can save you a lot of searching time.
  • How often do you plan to use it? – The answer to this question will affect your decision on what to buy. If you really want a rollaway bed that’ll impress your visitors or one that you want to make your permanent bed, then it would be worth going for the top-end products. You can never go wrong with choosing high-quality.
  • Who will you use it for?” – Of course, this is an important question because there are different sizes available. You certainly don’t want to purchase a rollaway bed that will make your feet hang off at the end of the bed. When purchasing something that is not as comfortable as a regular bed, you want to focus as much as possible on the pros or try to make it as comfortable as you can.

Final Words – What is a Rollaway Bed?

A rollaway bed is a truly great invention. There are so many more uses for it that it can’t all be listed in this article. I’m sure that as you’ve learned all about rollaway beds, you’ve had some ideas come to mind already. As you consider the options, uses, and benefits of a rollaway bed, you can have the assurance that you’ll have someplace comfortable enough to lay on after a big night out.

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