Are Guests Allowed to Sleep in Your Hotel Room?

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Staying in a hotel is more fun spent with family, friends, or colleagues. It’s common for us to book a hotel room and invite our loved ones over. We usually do this for fun or celebrations such as birthday parties and family reunions. Most of the time, we have so much fun that we end up letting our guests stay the night.

Are guests allowed to sleep in your hotel room? No, the maximum number of guests you originally booked should be followed. Additional guests are only allowed to stay for a certain amount of time. Let the hotel know that you have extra people staying the night.

By letting the hotel know, you will be able to find out if you can book another room, get an extra bed, and many other options that can work for you. 

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Extra Charges for Additional Occupants

Many people sneak people in without letting the front desk know. While this is already very common, the fact remains that extra occupants mean extra fees. You may have been able to get through with this many times already, or you might have come across hotels that allow more guests without charging additional person fees. Remember this: sometimes sneaking in guests will work, sometimes it won’t. Keep in mind that hotel policies are there for a reason, and the best thing you can do is to let the front desk know if you plan to let more people stay. 

Let us take a look at more common questions when it comes to hotel rooms and guests.

Do Hotels Allow Visitors?

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Hotels do allow visitors, but they are not allowed to stay the night. Most hotels need to know the actual headcount for essential reasons. First is, an accurate headcount is a must for safety reasons. It would mean a lot if you were honest with the number of people in your room in case a fire or another emergency happens. The second is for ease and convenience. Most hotels need you to sign up so they can provide you with a key to your room. It would be convenient if your registered guests have access to spare keys instead of having to tail you to avoid getting locked up.

Another thing is that hotel rooms have a dedicated number of toiletries, towels, beds, and other essentials for their clients. It’s better to register and pay for your guests so they can freely walk around and enjoy the hotel’s facilities and perks as much as they can. In the same way, it would be fair if the hotel would provide its facilities to the right number of individuals. Squeezing in loads of people in a little hotel room would mean more facilities used, more noise is made, and a higher chance of property damage. It will not be economical for the hotel, and it can become a burden for the paying guest during checkout time.

Do Hotels Charge More for Extra Guests?

Note that hotel policies vary from one place to another. Other hotels will let you slip and won’t even bother if you have ten people in your room instead of 6. Some won’t even mention a word about additional guest charges on their website. Other hotels would tell you upfront about their headcount policies, while some will surprise you at the end of your stay with an extra bill. The answer to this question is that it depends on the hotel and its regulations.

Generally speaking, most hotels do have an additional person charges; that’s why it’s essential to ask them upfront. It’s better to be at peace throughout your hotel escapade than feel worried about extra charges at the end of your stay. Meanwhile, it is also essential to know that kids under 18 are not usually included in the headcount in some hotels. This can change the picture because a room for two can actually be a room for four if you have kids tagging along during your stay. This is on a case-by-case basis and will depend entirely on the hotel you’re in.

If You Book a Hotel for One Person, Can You Have a Guest?

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Again, it depends on the hotel’s policies. More often than not, you will still get charged extra if you only booked for one but ended up having someone else in the room. It is also a different situation. Let’s say you booked a hotel room and suddenly thought of inviting someone over. Would it seem too much of a burden for the hotel if there is just one additional person who can also fit right into your bed?

The good news is that some hotels present this as a promotional offer, better known as double occupancy. It means that the rate for two people is made more affordable than the rate for one person. Then again, the rule still applies that if you did not pay for your guests, they would have to leave once the visiting hours are over or otherwise pay for extra.

Let’s look at a few examples of policies in hotels from different countries:

  • Grand Royal Hotel, Poland
    Their rule is that persons who are not checked in may stay in a hotel room from 07:00 a.m. til 10:00 p.m. People who remain beyond the said time must check-in at the hotel.
  • York Hotel, Singapore
    They require all visitors to register at the Front Desk. Visitors are also requested to leave guest rooms by 11.00 p.m.
  • Hotel Azure, California
    They have an extra person charge that applies to adults 18 years or older. Rates will depend on the room type booked. Children younger than 17 years old stay for free when accompanied by a registered parent or guardian.

Can Three People Stay in One Hotel Room?

As stated above, most hotels allow their visitors to stay granted that they will leave at the designated time. They can spend the night, but that will mean additional fees.

Can Hotel Staff Enter the Room?

Perhaps these are some of the biggest questions related to this topic.

  • Are hotel staff allowed to enter the room?
    Guests indeed have a right to privacy, and they can’t just walk in and search your hotel room. However, the hotel staff can enter the room under certain circumstances.
  • What are the reasons for your guests to get kicked out even if it’s still within the legal hours?
    First is when they’ve received and confirmed reports that your guests are already creating too much noise and disrupting other clients’ peace of mind.
    Next is when you’re not using the room responsibly, and there’s something illegal going on inside. Otherwise, you can expect to see hotel staff in your room only during cleaning and maintenance time.
  • Do they do a headcount for every person you’re with?
    So, do they actually count how many people come in and out of a room? No, but they can observe and notice when something is wrong and politely remind you of the hotel’s regulations. Again, a hotel’s way of charging their guests varies, some will let it be, others will surprise you with a bill that includes the additional person charge.
  • Can the Hotel Kick You out Once They’ve Confirmed You Have an Extra Guest?
    Getting kicked out of a hotel can be the result of scandalous behavior, excessive noise, and damage, illegal activities, or anything that poses a grave threat to the hotel, its staff, and the rest of the people in the vicinity. It varies from one hotel to another, but generally speaking, a hotel won’t really evict you for bringing someone in. This is on the premise that you will pay any extra charges incurred by your guests, and you will not pose any risks to the people within the hotel.

Call the Hotel in Advance

To avoid overthinking and worrying about what will happen if you do bring an extra guest in, you can simply call up the hotel you plan to visit. This way, all your concerns can be addressed in advance, and you will be able to prepare yourself for whatever additional payment is involved in bringing an extra head in. Remember that one of the primary reasons we stay in hotels is to relax, and the last stressful thing you want is to get into a conflict with the hotel’s policies. You can also check out the policies of each hotel so you can get to enjoy the maximum benefits and free yourself from any additional charges and drama.

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