Sleep Number Bed: Troubleshooting Pump (6 Tips)

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A Sleep Number bed comes with innovative technology that includes an air chamber pump. Among current users of this bed type, troubleshooting the Sleep Number bed pump becomes a challenge once it starts to lose integrity. To help you navigate this dilemma, we put together six tips if your Sleep Number bed pump is not working.

When troubleshooting your Sleep Number bed pump, check that the air tube connections between the pump and the bed are secure to avoid air leaks. Also, make sure the remote is correctly synced with the pump. Restart your Bluetooth and ensure online connectivity.

Here are 6 tips on how to troubleshoot your Sleep Number bed pump:

  1. Check the air tube connections
  2. Fix the remote
  3. Re-sync the pump and the remote
  4. Restart your Bluetooth
  5. Inspect the pump
  6. Ensure online connectivity

Before considering a replacement pump for your Sleep Number bed, explore the following six tips to resolve your Sleep Number bed pump problems.

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Sleep Number Bed Troubleshooting Pump (6 Tips)

Here are easy-to-follow Sleep Number bed pump repair options that you could do apart from contacting Sleep Number’s customer support.

1. Check the Air Tube Connections

If the Sleep Number bed pump doesn’t seem to inflate the bed to your desired firmness, the air tubes connecting the bed’s air chamber and the pump are probably compromised. Here’s what you could do:

  1. Find the air tube connections on the sides of your bed.
  2. Gently tug the air tubes.
  3. If they easily loosen, the air is leaking through these junctions.
  4. Secure the connections by pushing the tubes closer to the mattress.
  5. If the tubes are screwed, tighten the screws (don’t overtighten as this may break the tubes).
  6. Test by inflating the Sleep Number bed while your fingertips are around the connections.
  7. If the bed still deflates, inspect the air tubes for cracks or kinks.
  8. Replace air tubes if necessary.

2. Fix the Remote

Your Sleep Number bed air pump is synchronized with a remote that came with it. It probably isn’t about your Sleep Number bed pump not working but the remote sending ‘wrong signals’ to your bed air pump. If this is the case, fixing the remote could re-establish a clear connection between the air pump and the remote.

Sleep Number Bed Troubleshooting Pump Tip (How to Fix the Remote)

  1. Ensure that the remote has fresh batteries.
  2. Test by checking if the batteries work on other items like your alarm clock or the TV’s remote control.
  3. Common fixes include ensuring that the battery ends align with the metal clips in the remote’s battery case. A slightly slanted battery relative to its metal holders could either send ‘mixed signals’ to the bed air pump or send no signals at all.
  4. If the fixes don’t resolve the issue or the battery isn’t the problem, get a new remote (view on Amazon). A good choice if you have a Sleep Number Flex-Fit Basic, this remote is non-LCD but carries all the functions of its predecessor.


If your bed air pump isn’t responding to its paired-up remote, try restoring your Sleep Number bed’s factory setting. The steps are easy to follow:

  • Connect the pump to the bed.
  • Press ‘R’ on the remote.
  • Press and hold the arrow buttons together.
  • Wait for the countdown to reach ‘1.’
  • After the remote displays ‘- -‘ then ‘C1’, release the buttons for a second.
  • Press and hold again.
  • Wait for the pump to ‘click.’
  • The remote should display ‘- -‘ then a ‘1C’ code.
  • Reset is done.

3. Re-Sync the Pump and the Remote

Another way to troubleshoot Sleep Number bed pumps is to check if the pump and the remote are still in rhythm. Accidentally unplugging or an electrical power outage could reset the bed’s firmness control system, causing your air pump to glitch. Synchronize the system back in 5 steps:

  1. Plug the bed into an electrical outlet.
  2. Find the hip button on one of the bed’s sides (at your hip level when you’re lying down on the bed).
  3. Ensure that the base and pump are connected and plugged in.
  4. Press and hold the hip button until it blinks.
  5. Press ‘Continue’ on the remote, then adjust the bed to your preferred level.

4. Restart Your Bluetooth

Bluetooth’s location service (Android) and turning it on for the SleepIQ app (iOS) allow the app to pair with your bed. Just like the need to clear your phone or computer’s cache memory, your Bluetooth could sometimes get ‘stuck,’ potentially disrupting the commands sent to your bed air pump. Turning it on and off to refresh it could be like a Sleep Number bed pump reset as well.

5. Inspect the Pump

There are different types of Sleep Number beds, which means that their accompanying pumps also differ. The pumps could either have a single-port or a dual-port, and the air tubes could be as many as four. If you’re attempting a Sleep Number bed pump repair, it pays to know what air tube to cap during the repair. Otherwise, you might blow up a seam in your Sleep Number bed if the pump couldn’t read the pressure properly. Here are the steps to check if the Sleep Number bed pump needs repairs:

  1. Press the button on the pump hose that connects with the air chamber.
  2. Gently pull the pump hose from the air chamber.
  3. Inspect the air chamber fitting.
  4. The O-ring on the air chamber must be intact, and the fitting must be on the pump hose.
  5. If the O-ring is broken, stretch the bare end of the hose over the fitting.
  6. Run a new male fitting with O-ring out the hole in your mattress cover.
  7. Cut the old pump hose connector to reveal a clean piece of hose.
  8. Push the barbed end of a new fitting inside the hose.
  9. Connect the pump hose to the fitting.
  10. Fully inflate the air chamber.
  11. If the air leaks, remove the pump hose.
  12. Cap the pump hose to test the air chamber.
  13. If the leak is in the air chamber, patch the leak.
  14. If patching the leak wouldn’t work, it’s time to buy a new air chamber (view on Amazon). This cotton-made air chamber is compatible with both Sleep Number and Select Comfort smart beds.

6. Ensure Online Connectivity

Sleep Number beds rely on online connectivity for their pumps (and other parts) to function. Therefore, before considering a replacement air pump for your Sleep Number bed, know the connectivity factors that may affect your bed air pump. Below are two factors:

Compatible Devices

While the SleepIQ app is compatible with most Android and iOS devices, the app doesn’t work with Windows tablets and Motorola devices. If you happened to change phones or moved the app from one device to another, your Sleep Number bed pump not working could be caused by unmet minimum requirements, which are the following:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 6 or iOS 11

Wi‑fi Compatibility

Poor wi‑fi connection is also something to look into before looking for replacement pumps for Sleep Number beds. Your bed air pump may only be ‘malfunctioning’ because you changed your wi‑fi network into those incompatible with SleepIQ:

  • 5.0 GHz networks
  • Hidden networks
  • Mobile hotspots
  • Captive portal networks

When Everything Else Fails

If after you’ve tried everything and your Sleep Number bed pump exhaled its last breath, maybe it’s time to find a replacement air pump (view on Amazon). This air system replacement features Whisper Quiet Technology, compatible with Sleep Number, Select Comfort, and other air mattress brands. The product would normally come with instructions, but here’s a head start. Replacing an old one with a new unit is relatively straightforward:

  1. Unplug your Sleep Number bed.
  2. Locate your existing pump.
  3. Unscrew the air tube connections.
  4. Push in colored tabs.
  5. Gently pull the air tubes.
  6. Disconnect the pump from its power source.
  7. Hook up the new pump.
  8. Connect the air tubes to your replacement pump.
  9. Plug the bed.
  10. Pair up the new pump with the SleepIQ app.
    1. Turn your device’s Bluetooth on (stay within 5 to 7 feet of your bed).
    2. Open the SleepIQ app.
    3. Select ‘Bed’ found at the bottom of your phone’s screen.
    4. Open the ‘Bed Settings Menu’ (top right).
    5. Select ‘New Bed Parts.’
    6. Follow the pairing instruction.
  11. If you’re using a remote, do a factory reset (see the steps above) to reconnect your remote to your bed.

Conclusion: Sleep Number Bed Troubleshooting Pump (6 Tips)

Here’s a recap of the six tips if you have Sleep Number bed pump problems:

  1. Check the air tube connections
  2. Fix the remote
  3. Re-sync the pump and the remote
  4. Restart your Bluetooth
  5. Inspect the pump
  6. Ensure online connectivity

If your Sleep Number bed air pump has been causing you sleepless nights, you must have been juggling the thoughts of either looking for Sleep Number bed pump repairs or going for replacement pumps for Sleep Number beds. Hopefully, this article offered you more options in dealing with Sleep Number bed pump problems. And if you’re experiencing other Sleep Number bed air pump issues like why your Sleep Number bed is not inflating or about Sleep Number bed pumps not working on one side, these six tips could also be your go-to options before running to buy a new bed air pump.


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