Can I Bring an Air Mattress to a Hotel?

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Vacations can be fun and memorable when you spend them with your family or friends. However, standard hotel rooms only have one or two beds, which may not be enough for all of you. If you’re like most people, you want to keep your costs at a minimum, so paying for another room is out of the question. A good solution is to bring an air mattress with you. It’s portable and easy to set up. But you might be asking, “Can I bring an air mattress to a hotel?”

Generally, the answer to that question is yes. Most hotels allow guests to bring air mattresses. However, every hotel has a different set of rules. Remember to check their policies online or give them a quick call to confirm before arriving. Also, see to it that your room has enough space to accommodate your mattress.

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Are Additional Guests Allowed in the Hotel Room?

Bringing an air bed should not be a problem since hotels want you to have a comfortable stay. But you have to take hotel rules into account if you plan to bring an air bed. Hotel policies are generally firm on the number of guests allowed per room. You want to make sure that you’re not exceeding that number. Remember to check if the hotel charges for additional guests. Many hotels don’t charge extra for kids in the room, but for adults, they might ask you to pay $20 to $50 per guest per night.

Can You Bring an Air Mattress to a Disney Hotel?

Disney Hotel

Yes. Disney hotels allow you to bring an air mattress as long as you comply with their rule on the number of guests allowed per room, which is usually four or five, depending on the type of the room you’re going to rent.

You should also know that they can provide you with a rollaway bed (for a fee per night), bed rails, or a bigger crib as long as these are available.

Air Mattress Size

If you’re stuck on deciding which air mattress to buy, here are some tips on what to look for. First, consider the size. If space is a concern, go for a twin or full. A twin is great for a child, but may be too small for a teenager or adult. They would probably prefer a queen for the legroom. Also, consider the dimensions of the room and the amount of beds already in them. Check the hotel’s website for this information or give them a quick call to find out. Here’s a list of some of the common air mattress sizes:

38″ X 75″54″ X 75″60″ X 80″76″ X 80″

A king might be too big for a standard double room, but the smaller sizes may work. If the mattress doesn’t end up fitting in the room, it’s not the end of the world. Since it can deflate, it can be stored in a suitcase and easily carried around.

If using an air mattress, you may need to make some extra space depending on its size. If it’s a twin, then it should easily fit in most rooms, especially if the hotel already offers additional bedding. If it’s larger than a twin, such as full, queen, or king, then you may need to move the beds around to make all of them fit. During the day, you can lean the air mattress up against the wall for easy access around the room.

Air Mattress Portable Air Pump

To inflate an air mattress with a pump:

  1. Open the valve located on the side of the bed.
  2. Insert the pump into the valve. Make sure it’s secure, and no air can escape.
  3. If it’s a manual pump, start to pump repeatedly, while checking the amount of air in the mattress.
  4. If it’s not inflating or inflating really slowly, make sure no air is coming out of the valve. You may need to adjust the placement of the pump to make it more secure.
  5. If you have an electric pump, simply remove the valve, plug it in, and switch it on.
  6. Once the mattress is inflated, remove the pump and close the valve.

How to inflate an air mattress without using an air pump

It’s always best to use an air pump to inflate an air mattress. But if you don’t have an air mattress pump or forgot to bring one, don’t worry! Here are some good alternatives:

1. Use a bicycle pump – This is a safe and easy way to inflate an air mattress. Some hotels are biker friendly and allow guests to use their bicycle pumps. If you’re staying in such a hotel, you can borrow a pump for your air mattress.

Getting an airtight seal around the pump nozzle can be quite a challenge. Bicycle pumps generally don’t have air nozzles that snugly fit air mattress valves. But you can bring an adapter nozzle to fit the valve of your air mattress.

2. Use a hair dryer  Inflating your air mattress with a hair dryer is easy. Simply hold the air outlet of the hair dryer against the valve of the air mattress and switch it on. Inflate the mattress until it’s firm enough.

If very little air goes into the air mattress and you need a nozzle, you can improvise one by cutting an empty water bottle in half with a box cutter. Take the upper half of the bottle and insert the barrel of the hair dryer into the wide opening. You can use packaging tape or the like to securely fasten the improvised nozzle and seal any air leaks.

Important: Make sure that the hair dryer is set to cool. Don’t use hot air. Most air mattresses are made of vinyl or plastic, which can be damaged if exposed to heat.

3. Use a garbage bag – This method takes a lot of time and effort, but if you don’t have an air pump or a hair dryer, this is probably your best bet.

Fill a large garbage bag with air. Gather the open end of the bag and hold it around the valve of the air mattress. Force the air into the mattress by squeezing the bag. Make sure that the air doesn’t escape from the bag’s opening. Repeat this process until the mattress is fully inflated.

Note: It’s best to use a thick, heavy-duty plastic bag. Thinner bags are likely to tear or pop when you squeeze them repeatedly.

4. Blow into the air mattress – If you don’t have an air mattress pump, bicycle pump, hair dryer, or even a garbage bag, you have no other choice but to inflate your mattress using your breath. It’s tiring and time-consuming, so this should be your last resort. Make sure the valve is clean before resorting to this method.

What Else Can I Bring to a Hotel?

Along with an air mattress, you might be wondering what else to bring to a hotel. Hotels provide everything you need to get through the night, but there are a few things to think about for your next trip.

Some hotels wash their bed linens in strong detergents, so if you have allergies, it might be a good idea to bring your own sheets, or even just your pillowcase. This is also a good idea in case the hotel has a history of bad reviews such as bed bugs or unclean rooms. Bringing your own sheets also gives you a familiar sense of home, which may help you get better sleep. The same goes for bringing your pillow since hotel pillows are hit or miss. It can also be helpful if flying or taking a long bus ride.

Alternatives to Air Mattress

Don’t have an air mattress? No problem! Here are other good options:

  • Cot – A cot is a portable, foldable bed generally used for camping. While cots generally seem to be uncomfortable, some have mattress pads that help you sleep more comfortably. A cot is heavier than an air mattress, but it’s easier to set up.
  • Folding mattress – Folding mattresses are generally thick and bulky, but some are designed to be portable. They even have handles so you can conveniently carry them around like bags. These mattresses are lighter and more comfortable than cots. They’re also just as easy to set up and put away when not in use.
  • Sleeping bag – Sleeping bags are so easy to use–you simply roll and unroll them. Also, you won’t need an extra blanket to keep yourself warm. Just make sure that your sleeping bag is clean before you bring them to the hotel.

Do Hotels Provide Cots?

Most hotels provide cots, but you should contact the hotel to confirm if you could request one. Keep in mind that the availability of cots is usually limited, so it’s best to make your request ahead of time.

How to Ask for an Extra Bed in a Hotel

Most hotels offer extra bedding upon request. This includes cribs, rollaways, and cots.

  • A crib is a small bed with a surrounding cage for babies.
  • A rollaway is a twin-sized bed that can fold up and has wheels to move around easily.
  • A cot is similar to a rollaway, but it does not have wheels.

The best time to inquire about extra beds in a hotel is before you place a reservation. Some hotels offer extra complimentary beds, and some don’t, so it’s always good to ask and not assume. However, to request an extra bed, you need to contact the hotel directly or inform the staff upon checking in. 

Hotels that don’t offer free extra beds usually charge between $10 to $25 per day for a rollaway bed or a baby crib. Also, remember that hotels may charge a separate fee for additional guests.

Staying at a Hotel with a Large Family

If you have a large family, there may be a bit more planning to make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Start by choosing a suitable room before arriving. This should be one that is large enough to fit additional beds. Consider staying in a suite since they are typically larger and may offer separate sleeping areas separated by a door. There will usually be a sofa that can pull out into a bed and extra space for an air mattress. If cost is an issue, choose a room that allows large families (5 or more) in a single guestroom.

For a family of six, get a double room where four people would get the regular beds, and the other two would get the air mattress. Be prepared, though, as this may come down to a rock, paper, scissors match on who gets the air mattress unless, of course, that’s the desired choice. For families larger than 6, you may also need to get a rollaway bed. Check with the hotel if they are available. Some hotels may not allow them in double rooms, but it never hurts to ask.

Creating More Space in the Room

Maximizing the space in your room requires a little creativity. If space is an issue, try opening a closet to see if part of a bed can slide into it. If you luck out and get the big, armrest chairs, push them together to form a cozy, little nook. They are great for children who want their own space. Also, the armrests would help prevent them from falling out at night, so in a way, it’s like a crib. If space is really needed, as a last resort, sleep in the bathtub. I know, the thought of sleeping here cries back pain in the morning, but with enough pillows and a good headrest, you’ll get to sleep quicker than you know it. Just make sure to let everyone know you’re sleeping there for the night.

If Hotel Rooms are Just Too Small…

As an alternative to staying in a hotel, consider a vacation rental. This is a house or apartment large enough to comfortably fit the entire family without all the hassle of making space. Vacation rentals offer an ideal amount of space for the family. There’s a laundry room, kitchen, and other amenities you wouldn’t find in a hotel. However, you won’t find room service or restaurants.

Conclusion – Can I Bring an Air Mattress to a Hotel?

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Most hotels will allow you to bring an air mattress but prepare beforehand. Do some research on the hotel policies, or contact them. Furthermore, have a backup plan ready in case they don’t allow them, or if there isn’t enough space.

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