What Age Should a Child Stop Using a Night Light?

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A night light is often associated by children as protector to monsters and other nightly creatures. The device can be put at the side of the bed or as a guide in the hallways or in any part of the house during sleep time. When a night light is disturbing the child’s sleep more than helping them, then it is totally fine to remove night light to make their sleep more conducive.

What age should a child stop using a night light? There is no certain age on when to remove the night light, as long as the child is already confident to sleep in total darkness. Removing it would mean no harm to them.

The night is at peace and everything is well. You were on a deep slumber when suddenly the lights are turned on. Your child wanted to pee but is afraid to go to the bathroom. Another thing, you have noticed your child get always disturbed during bedtime when a night light is on.

If you ever experienced this kind of situation, perhaps it’s your time to ask yourself: Is night light needed during the evening? When should I start buying a night light? Or when should I stop using a night light?

With all these questions bombarding your head, there are many reasons why you should install a night light at home for the sake of your child’s sleep. Along with this, there are also reasons as to when you have to remove the night light during their bedtime. Whether it is something for good or not, taking consideration of what’s best for your kids should be the utmost priority. Here are some of the points to consider.


Child Sleeping Next to Night Light

For Newborn

Families with young kids, especially infants, often use night lights more than their children. A night light is used as a guide for nightly visits and to check what is going on during the baby’s sleep. It also helps parents check the baby’s diapers if there’s a need to change or do nightly feeding without stimulating the baby too much from a bright light.

The most appropriate wattage of a night light to be used for children and newborn babies is between 4 to 7 watts because it isn’t too bright and consumes less energy. Also, consider turning off the night light when the baby is already in a deep sleep. However, when a baby needs more than anything to make the sleep more comfortable, using a sleeping wrap swaddle could mean an extra relief. Newborn Baby Plush (view on Amazon) made with cashmere can be used as a sleeping bag or a blanket for baby. It is breathable and adjustable, giving the baby enough space for kicking.

For Security and Comfort

Consider this as a way of protecting your child from nightly creatures and monsters. Having a night light for your kid’s own comfort is important to keep them feel safe and assured. Children start to have a nightmare as early as 2 years old. When fears are developed and no alternative protection is given such as a night light, then expect a knock on your door during midnight, disrupting not only your sleep but the other household members as well.

Also, understanding why your children needed it should come in handy. Always remember that if night light is your solution to keep their sleep safe and sound, then it shouldn’t be a difficult problem to begin with. Learn to listen to them so that you’ll know when to buy a night light for them.

For Bathroom Training

Making your child feel protected during nighttime trips to the bathroom will help boost their independence and potty training. Putting a small night light on the hallways going to the bathroom has been used and is a very good idea for parents who wants to encourage children to do the potty independently.

For those beginner parents who are still learning how to potty train their kids, the Potty Training Toilet Seat (view on Amazon) from Mangohood comes with a universal design fit for children between the ages of 1-7 years old and is a great addition to your night light. This toilet seat also includes a step stool ladder and a standard height of 14” to 16.1” from floor to toilet bowl seat. It also made from safe, comfortable, and high-quality materials that can carry up to 165lb and comes with an adjustable footrest that is easy to assemble.


A Child Playing in His Bedroom

Sleep Disruption

Not all adults can sleep with lights turned on. This goes the same with the children too. When the night light is disrupting their sleep more than helping them, then it would be better to turn off the night light instead of keeping it on.

When your kids are not exposed to light when preparing to sleep, the sleep switch is turned on, which produces natural melatonin. The Human body clock is set to sleep without a light, so if it happens that night light is disrupting your kid’s sleep, then it is okay not to use it anymore. Also, when it comes to being creative in making your kids sleep, buying a sleep mask with colorful designs might be a great help in bringing your kids to bed. The Unicorn Sleeping Mask (view on Amazon) can block light from entering your eyes, thus keeping your sleep longer and relieving vascular and eye nerve pressure. It also has a shading effect and uses soft and reliable materials made of polyester and sponge. Aside from using it for sleeping, this can also be used on different occasion because of its unique design.

Playing Instead of Sleeping

When there is light in the room, children are often tempted to play more than sleep. Although night light is dimmer than the regular light, it can still influence the kids to play. To make sure that your kids can have a proper adjustment of not using the night light, it is better to gradually decrease the wattage of the night light until they can comfortably sleep in total darkness. Also, it would be better to read them a story before sleeping. One of the classic bedtime stories which are written by Sandra Boyton is entitled The-Going-To-Bed-Book (view on Amazon). Children are encouraged to do proper care of their body by scrubbing in the tub with soap and water, brushing their teeth, and combing their hair before going to bed to sleep, thus influencing them to have better habits.

What to Do After Making Changes

Child Smiling

It is no wonder that children have imaginative minds. Kids can be creative by creating something they imagine after watching a TV or a cartoon show. These imaginations could either be the ones that will protect them when danger comes or will hunt them down. That is why, for those children who used to have a night light at home, taking it off may not come easy.

There are many simple ways to keeping your children feel the security and comfort in sleeping even without the night light. If the child is the one who requested not to use night light anymore, as a parent, there is still no guarantee if your kid is able to get a sound sleep. So, here are some of the simplest ways of making sure your kids can still have a good sleep even if they still fear the darkness.

  • Keeping the house and the bedroom cooler can help the children increase their sleeping time. Using blackout curtains in covering windows have helped a lot in maintaining the air pressure inside the house.
  • Playing a soothing sound like raindrops can also facilitate good sleep
  • Using a red tone light as an alternative for a night light is highly suggested. Having a Himalayan salt lamp rather than a night light is much effective because aside from cleaning the air, it doesn’t have the white or blue light that disrupts the sleep.
  • Television shows that emit blue light from the screen inhibit the melatonin balance of the child. Children’s eyes receive more light than the adult. So, if watching TV is not regulated, the body clock of the child would become disrupted.
  • Using organic mattresses can also help give comfort and sound sleep.
  • Letting older kids drink Chamomile tea with Honey can effectively increase good sleep.
  • Using Magnesium body butter by rubbing it into the feet has been also beneficial in promoting good sleep.

Conclusion – What Age Should a Child Stop Using a Night Light?

Whether the use of night light is for good or not, removing it will always depend on your child. If your child has a difficulty in sleeping in total darkness, adding a night light would also mean no harm can be done to them. Choosing the right color for a night light is also important. Since white and blue colors inhibit the melatonin of the body, it is advisable to use red tone night light or salt lamps. Make sure the right night light is used in order not to hinder your child’s sleep. As a parent, if it’s your decision to stop your child from using the night light, it is important for you to find other ways to redirect your kids and help them have a good sleep.

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