How Far Away Should You Sleep from a Smart Meter?

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Nowadays, people have stopped using electrical meters on the side of their apartment or homes. Smart meters have been used to replace them. This technological advancement measures not only electricity but also gas and water. With its improved functionality, however, you may be wondering how far away you should sleep from one.

How far away should you sleep from a smart meter? You should sleep at least 50 feet away from a smart meter. For anything closer, the amount of radiation exposure depends on walls and other obstructions. If possible, install the smart meter somewhere not directly attached to your apartment or home.

It is difficult to determine the exact distance that you need to keep away from a smart meter. It depends upon the meter’s type of installation. The only way to know the proper distance is to measure the radiation levels in your apartment or home at different distances from the meter.

Smart Meter

Use an EMF Meter

It is recommended that you do an EMF survey of your apartment or house. Another alternative would be to get a radio-frequency EMF meter, which displays peak readings of smart meter EMF transmissions.

Radiofrequency radiation can emit at a further distance, which is why communication services use it. The amount of exposure depends on the location of the energy source and a person’s distance from it. Essentially, the closer you are to a smart meter, the higher you are exposed to radiation.

Smart meters are often installed outside so the walls can serve as a shield that protects and separates you from them. However, this does not eliminate exposure, so you should keep yourself away from your meter, especially when you are asleep. This is because sleeping near a smart meter will expose you to radiation the entire time you are in bed. The farther you are from the meter, the lesser intense radiation you’ll get. There are electromagnetic fields that could decrease to as low as an eighth of its original intensity by doubling your distance from it.

What is a Smart Meter?

Back when things were simpler, electricity companies would come by your home and check the meter manually to measure how much electricity you have used up. Now, this doesn’t happen very often because smart meters transmit the readings wirelessly. Most meters function two ways, so utility companies can easily cut off your power by transmitting signals to the meter.

Initially, smart meters were used to automate the readings and reduce the costs brought by the manual work. By the end of every month, the smart meter would record the consumption and send the figures to the utility company. This process would require one radio transmission per month, which is similar to a cell phone sending one text message.

Now, its functionality has been expanded. Smart meters now operate like mini computers. They can detect every change in your utility consumption and the data stores in its memory. It can also monitor power quality to detect any voltage spikes and harmonics.

Why are Smart Meters Dangerous?


To send data, your smart meter connects to a local system. It transmits all of the information to a nearby or neighborhood antenna along with the other smart meters installed in your area. The data then transfers to the utility company. The signals use a specific type of radiofrequency that releases non-ionizing microwave radiation – a type similar to the EMF radiation released by home routers and cell phones.

Utility companies would say that since it’s non-ionizing, it is entirely safe. However, this is not entirely true. This type of radiation goes through the walls of your home and can do so every day, every year. Radiation from smart meters can eventually lead to the breaking apart of molecules and cellular damage.

Once the body is exposed to the radiation from the smart meter, it undergoes stress and has trouble producing perfect cells. This cell damage could cause different kinds of illnesses. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or EHS is a term used to denote sensitivity to EMF and is common among many people. The effects of this kind of radiation include fatigue, mood disorders, headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations, sleep problems, and so much more.

How to Protect Yourself from Smart Meter EMF

There are some precautionary measures you can take to protect yourself from EMF. However, before you do any of these, be sure that you purchase an EMF meter, so all your efforts don’t go to waste. You need to measure and do some readings before you perform any other safety steps. Doing so will help you determine whether the measures you took have made a difference.

Smart Meter Shields

A smart meter shield (view on Amazon) is a convenient and straightforward way to reduce EMF radiation. This mesh cover can be placed over the meter and can install easily. It is stainless steel, and the meshing helps absorb and block the radioactive emissions from the smart meter.

Other technologies claim to block radiation by reflecting and dispersing radioactivity. However, this would still cause harm because the waves might reflect inside your house. This is not the case for an absorbing meter shield, so you won’t have to worry about harmful waves getting into your home.

Ensure that you have correctly installed and tightly secured your meter shield, or else, any broken seals or holes will cause the radiation to seep through.

One problem that can arise when using only a smart shield is that the radiation can slip out the back of the unit, producing a minimal amount of radiation. This is why it is still important to supplement this with an EMF meter so that you can determine the amount of radiation released into the walls.

EMF Protection Paint

Getting EMF protection paint (view on Amazon) will help shield you from radiation. Simply paint this on the wall where the smart meter is attached. This will work well with the smart meter shield since it could cover the areas that the shield could not reach. When painting the wall, be sure to be as thorough as possible and paint the entire side that shares the same wall with the smart meter.

Faraday Bed Canopy

Protecting your room from any exposure is just as important, if not more, than other areas of the house. You can do so by installing a faraday mesh bed canopy (view on Amazon). It is made of a material that not only looks nice but also shields you from harmful radiation while you are asleep. It absorbs and blocks out any EMF rays, so your body can revitalize and regenerate cells while sleeping.

EMF Shielding Bedding

For extra protection, you can also get protective bedding in case the canopy isn’t enough to keep out the EMF rays. The bedding can block about 90% of the radiation from smart meters, so you won’t have to worry about getting exposed while you sleep. They come in different sizes for all types of beds, so you can conveniently purchase one that’s a sure fit. Combined with the faraday canopy, protection paint, and meter shield, you will sleep soundly and safely.

Window Shielding Film

Even if you got your walls covered in EMF protection paint, you might still be exposed to radiation that enters your apartment or home through the windows. A window does not entirely seal you from the outside since it can open and close. Luckily, there are several shielding films available on the market that can be easily installed on your windows to protect you from radiation.

They come in clear films for those who don’t want any tint on the windows but getting tinted shields are stronger. The tinted ones are not too dark, allowing you to see what’s outside while blocking any EMF rays.

Conclusion – How Far Away Should You Sleep from a Smart Meter?

The main benefit that a smart meter brings into your home is that it can help you keep track of your utility consumption and reduce your bills. It also makes it more convenient for utility companies to determine how much they should charge you.

But despite the advantages, radiation from this type of technology can be harmful, so you should take all the necessary precautions to mitigate exposure to these harmful rays. Protection is especially important if you stay somewhere close to the smart meter. If you want to take more preventive steps, do more research and check out other products that can help block out radiation emitted by your smart meter.

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