Why Does My Dog Sleep on My Head?

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The relation between an owner and their dog is a unique and special one. For many dog lovers, their dog is like their baby to them, and an essential part of the family. It’s such a joy to see dogs growing up and slowly revealing their personalities. As fur parents, we tend to observe the habits they have, and we wonder what each means – including how our dogs sleep. A dog’s sleeping ways gives some clues as to how they’re feeling.

Why does my dog sleep on my head in the bed? Your dog sleeping on your head shows how much they want to be close to you. If your dog sleeps on your head, it’s an indication that they trust you and want to see you all the time. However, when your dog sleeps directly on top of your face, you might have to set some boundaries.

Of course, it’s uncomfortable to have your pet on your face, and having to pry them off can cause some problems.

As the owner, it’s a good practice to observe your dog’s sleeping habits, so you know whether your furry friend is happy or not. Here are answers to some common questions about dogs’ sleeping positions:

Dog Sleeping on Owner's Head

Why Does My Dog Sleep on My Chest?

Sleeping on your chest is your dog’s way of marking you as their own. It shows that your dog loves you, and is loyal to you. Laying on your chest makes them feel in charge. There’s nothing wrong with permitting your dog to feel that once in a while. After all, your dog is protective by nature and wants to look out for you.

Moreover, sleeping on your chest can be comfortable for you both. It’s an intimate sleeping position where you can breathe together, making your dog feel more relaxed with the breathing of your chest.

Why Does My Dog Sleep on Top of My Feet?

Dogs have a constant need for reassurance; they certainly want to know your whereabouts all the time. Some dogs even develop separation anxiety, making them sad or destructive when their owners are not at home.

If your dog sleeps right on your feet, it means that they seek your presence and want to stick by you. By sleeping at your feet, your dog instantly knows when you move or walk away, and can follow you when you do. This is not exactly a bad thing; it may just be that your dog feels safe around you.

Another reason why your dog sleeps on top of your feet is to assume a protective role. If both of you are in a place where there are other people or dogs around, sleeping or lying on your feet is a defense mode. Your dog can know when a person or another dog comes too close to your personal space.

Why Does My Dog Always Sleep Between My Legs?

By nature, dogs love to burrow into things. The room between your legs might be the perfect comfortable space for them to squeeze into. It feels warm, comfy, and it’s close to you! Snuggling against you makes them feel safe and loved. Sleeping between your legs is an all-around win-win for your doggo.

Why Does My Dog Always Sleep on My Side of the Bed?

Dog on the Bed

Sleeping on your side of the bed indicates that you are your dog’s favorite person. They simply like your scent and want to feel closer to you. Another way we can look at this is your dog perceives you’re the person who needs protection. Your dog may be sleeping on your side of the bed because he’s acting like a pack leader and wants to be on guard against anything that may harm you. Now, that is proof of how much your dog really cares about you!

Why Does My Dog Always Sleep on Me and Not on My Partner?

This could mean a couple of things. For one, your spouse might not have been spending enough time with your dog. If you are the one that your dog sees all the time, unfamiliarity with your spouse might be the cause. Paying attention and playing with your dog establishes that bond, and it shows your dog that you are a trustworthy friend. When the trust develops, he’s likely to sleep near you.

Secondly, a possible reason why your dog is not sleeping on your spouse is that they may have detected or observed signs of aggressiveness and anger in your wife/husband. Whether the hostility directs at you or your dog, feelings of fear and negativity may develop when a dog experiences such things.

Thirdly, it’s pretty common if your dog prefers the wife instead of the husband. Women generally have a more welcoming vibe that dogs want because of a softer voice and gentler approach. Meanwhile, men tend to have a deeper voice and rougher hands. Your dog might be a little intimidated or scared, causing them to avoid the man.

Why Does My Dog Prefer to Sleep Under the Covers?

Dog Under the Covers

Similar to the burrowing principle, sleeping under blankets gives your dog a feeling of security. Your dog probably feels comfortable when snuggled up. In fact, dog rescuers use blankets to calm down anxious dogs.

On that note, your dog sleeping under the covers may be an indication they want more love and affection. Try petting your dog or cuddling them to show how much you care.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Next to Me?

While sometimes your dog wants to cuddle with you when they sleep on your bed, you may observe that at other times he’s just content sleeping next to you. When this happens, it’s an indication that your dog thinks of you as an equal partner, and they don’t feel the need to smother you to prove your mutual love.

Sleeping next to you shows respect for your space, and that they want their personal space as well. Your dog loves you and knows that physical contact isn’t necessary to let you know. Just being next to you gives the comfort and feeling of safety needed.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Next to My Bed?

Some owners may not let dogs into their beds, especially if the dog is a heavy shedder or not yet housebroken. While you may have provided your dog their own bed, you observe that they like to sleep on the floor beside your bed.

This sleeping habit shows that they respect your space, yet they still want to be as close to you as possible. Sleeping next to your bed gives your dog the comfort to know that you’re near.

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Other Sleeping Positions

Aside from where your dog sleeps, you also might want to observe their sleeping positions. Here are a few ones and what they may mean:

  • Curled up. When your dog curls up like a ball with their nose touching their tail, it means that your dog is protecting themself and vital organs. They might be a little shy or in an unfamiliar place. It may also mean that they’re merely trying to conserve body heat to keep warm.
  • On their side. Sleeping on the side exposes vital organs, meaning they feel safe while sleeping in this position. When a dog lies on their side and asks for belly rubs, it means that they trust you and feel safe with you.
  • On their back. When you find your dog sleeping on their back with their paws up in the air, it means they feel very safe as well. This position reveals their belly, too, and sleeping this way indicates they have full trust in you. Sleeping on their back is also a way for dogs to cool off when it’s hot since the fur is thinner in the belly.
  • Superman position. Your dog is on their belly with front paws laid in front, and back paws stretched out behind. This position is common when your dog takes quick naps throughout the day. It allows them to quickly get back on their feet when it’s playtime again.

Conclustion – Why Does My Dog Sleep on My Head?

Observing your dog’s sleeping habits is one of the ways you can be more sensitive and assertive about their feelings. Their habits generally show the level of affection and safety they feel.

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