Dream Meaning of Blanket Being Pulled Off: Is It Sleep Paralysis?

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One dream that can bother you for the whole day is your blanket being pulled off. It seems related to sleep paralysis, which just makes the whole thing more disturbing. If you’ve dreamed about it recently, we have all the information you need to know whether it’s just something symbolic or downright alarming.

While your real blanket protects you from the cold, the one in your dream protects you from your problems, fears, or insecurities. When the blanket in your dream is finally pulled off, you’re telling yourself to finally take a risk. Trust your gut!

The thing about dream interpretation is there’s no one right answer. However, we managed to get some ideas that make sense, hence the representation we explained earlier. Read on to learn more explanations about your blanket being pulled off in your dream.

Woman Lying in Bed Having a Nightmare

What Does It Mean to Dream About the Blanket Being Pulled Off?

Since dreaming about your blanket being pulled off is probably a call to action, it can also prove your potential to balance different aspects of your life as long as you trust your instincts. That means you shouldn’t fear that dream. Instead, consider it a self-discovery.

In case you dream about it again, try to reach out or be more confident in expressing your thoughts and feelings. You can also do something productive. Those initiatives may put your mind at ease and make you sleep better.

What Would a Blanket Symbolize?

Without the pulling part, there has to be a distinct meaning when you see or feel a blanket in your dream. There are a lot of blanket-related dreams out there with interesting interpretations, but let’s understand the symbolism of blankets first.

According to Gustavus Hindman Miller’s book titled “10,000 Dreams Interpreted,” a brand-new white blanket means protection from deadly illnesses and failures. On the other hand, a dirty one means betrayal, dishonesty, deceit, disloyalty, or unfaithfulness.

We can state more symbols based on the explanations of various dream interpreters online. Have fun discovering some amusing info below:

  • Big blanket: a cover for an important secret or something deeply personal that’s essential in your life
  • Blanket with a catchy color: future project
  • Baby blanket: affection, joy, and security
  • Blanket in dangerous situations like car accidents: positive changes in your life (we’ll explain later)
  • Blanket on a sidewalk, road, or pavement: hardships in life
  • Multiple blankets: too much hopelessness
  • Blanket in a marketplace or bazaar: friendship or socialization
  • Dirty blanket (additional interpretation): jealousy
  • Torn blanket: failure to keep a promise that can harm one of your relatives

What Does It Mean to Dream of Blankets?

Blankets in Dreams

In this section, things will get more entertaining AND enlightening. Brace yourself as we put the different versions of symbolism we discussed earlier into perspective. We will also add some extra interpretations that focus on what you’re doing with the blanket in your dream.

Big Blanket

Simply seeing a huge blanket in your dream means you prefer to conceal a secret or revelation because it’s too important in your life.

Colored Blanket

If you’re facing a real-life challenge while dreaming about this, it’s possible that you will encounter a fresh opportunity. Seeing a colored blanket means you will possibly work on a few projects. The projects won’t be too demanding, but they can solve your problems or make your life better.

Baby Blanket

The meaning of a baby blanket in a dream sounds optimistic, but the full interpretation may raise some of your internal struggles. A baby blanket means love, happiness, and safety, and seeing it in your dream may be rooted in what’s troubling you in real life.

The logic is simple: you want a dose of something ideal in your dream because you need it.

Blanket as a Lifesaver

If the blanket in your dream is used to save a life in a dangerous scene, especially in an accident, that means you’ll be able to overcome the hardships in your life. You may encounter some changes that will only provide positive things.

Wrapping Yourself with a Blanket

There are things you can’t predict or explain, and they scare you. You’re shielding yourself from possible conflicts with people you know. You’re probably threatened or confused.

Covering Yourself with a Regular-Sized Blanket

If you’re covering yourself with an ordinary blanket in a normal situation in your dream, you’re lucky. That could mean you feel loved and contented. You’re in your comfort zone.

Giving the Blanket to Someone Else

You may be too insecure about something. Think about what’s been bugging you lately.

Sitting on the Blanket

You have insecurities about your body or emotions. When you sit on a blanket in your dream, you’re longing for complete protection.

You as Homeless Person Covered with a Blanket

The difficulties you’re facing in your real life are finally taking a toll on you. You feel so vulnerable that you need a sanctuary or protection even while you’re sleeping. You may be starting to fear or doubt almost everything in your life.

Two or More Blankets

You’re probably so hopeless about several things in your life. Possible factors include your career, happiness, and overall mindset.

Dirty Blanket

We already mentioned that a grimy or stained blanket symbolizes treachery, but what exactly does that mean? It’s either you feel the need to betray somebody, or your instincts are warning you about a deceitful person. The real answer is the latter. Don’t trust everybody!

Buying a Blanket in a Store

If you’re married in real life, purchasing a blanket in your dream represents your belief that your spouse is a good partner. Meanwhile, if you’re single, the dream could mean you’re open to the idea of marriage.

Purchasing a Blanket in a Busy Marketplace

Going into a bazaar in your dream or even real-life sounds fun. Well, it is! If you dream about purchasing a blanket in a crowded place, it means you’re ready to meet more friends that can make your life better.

Burning the Blanket

You’re bothered by the conflict or problem you’re facing with your romantic partner. The dream can also mean that you’re convinced to break up with him or her.

Covering Someone with a Blanket

You should remember the person you see in this dream. Covering him or her with a blanket represents unconditional protection. Maybe you felt or observed that he or she was going through something heavy. Pay more attention to your loved ones.

Torn Blanket

Once you experience this dream, be more careful when you make promises in real life. If you dream about a torn blanket, you know something bad will happen to a relative because you failed to keep your promise.

Cleaning the Blanket

This is just a reminder that you’re indeed a kind, respectful, and open-minded person. You don’t talk about other people behind their backs. Keep that positive attitude forever.

Folding the Blanket

You’re trying to decide on something. You should also need to start evaluating each of your relationships (family, romantic, professional, etc.) if it’s toxic or not.

Cuddling with the Blanket

There are only good things ahead in your career. If you’re a business owner, your venture will finally be successful. Meanwhile, if you’re an employee, you have a good feeling you’ll get a raise or be promoted. If you’re the boss, you’re feeling sure about having a better reputation and status.

Those are the various interpretations of seeing or feeling a blanket in your dream. You also had the chance earlier to understand why you dream about your blanket being pulled off. Isn’t it satisfying?

However, there’s another similar dream we should interpret. What if the one being pulled off from the bed is – how do we say this – you?

What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Dragged out of Bed?

Dreaming about your blanket being pulled off is not related to sleep paralysis. Thank goodness, right? It turns out; it’s just a manifestation of your innermost thoughts or feelings.

Unfortunately, if you dream about something dragging you out of your bed, you may be experiencing a horrible case of sleep paralysis. And, worse, that’s just one of the common reactions to the disorder.

Some people can hear loud noises and feel as if they’re flying for the first time. Others have a hard time breathing, which can be fatal.

Sleep paralysis scares people from all walks of life – young and old, men and women, rich and poor. No wonder it’s commonly associated with supernatural entities like demons and ghosts. Claims about the experience usually revolve around small demons sitting on people’s chests, legs, or feet.

Before you stop reading this due to fear, we should tell you that there’s no need to worry. Sleep paralysis is simply a disorder that can be treated through lifestyle changes or therapy. It is just a disturbance to your rapid eye movement (REM) phase when you’re sleeping.

During the REM stage, the normal experience is your brain paralyzing your muscles to help you detach from your dream. However, during sleep paralysis, you’re somehow awake while dreaming. You’re aware you can’t move, which naturally freaks you out.

What you should do to avoid sleep paralysis is stop taking naps any time of the day, sleep longer hours, quit laying your back flat on the bed, or seek medical attention.


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