What Does It Mean to Laugh in Your Sleep?

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Have you ever wondered why people laugh in their sleep? It may sound amusing at first, but it could be bothersome. Laughing during sleep can seem like a common occurrence — It could be you, your partner, or your roommate. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand why and how this happens.

What does it mean to laugh in your sleep? Laughing in your sleep is most often a harmless phenomenon that commonly occurs during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Usually, it is just a reaction to a dream. You may feel odd upon waking up or may not remember that you laughed in your sleep at all.

Sleep laughing, or hypnogely, however, has been linked to REM sleep disorders, and it is up to you to have yourself checked in case you notice any red flags. In rare cases, laughing in your sleep may also indicate that you have parasomnia, a group of sleep disorders that involve unusual behaviors and movements during sleep. There’s no exact reason why sleep laughing happens in babies or adults, so it is better to visit a specialist if you feel uncomfortable with this occurrence.

Woman Laughing in Her Sleep

What Does Laughter Symbolize?

On a lighter note, let’s now discuss the common beliefs people have about laughter and dreams. What exactly is laughter? Laughter is a physical reaction to certain events within a person’s environment. It is composed of bodily movements and sounds that may or may not portray positive emotions. It is popular knowledge that laughing provides positive benefits to a person’s health, helps strengthen the immune system, and makes a person feel more relaxed.

Laughing can arise from a humorous occurrence, a tickling sensation, or a funny thought. Some individuals can also express dismay or hurt by taking things lightly and laughing it off.

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Laughing in Your Sleep: Spiritual Meaning

White Dream Catcher Blowing in the Wind

People can still laugh and talk while asleep, even though most parts of the human body is paralyzed during sleep to prevent physical harm. People believe that laughing while dreaming is a sign of success and good luck. It is known as a strong indicator that positive energy and good news is on its way. Other traditions interpret laughing in one’s sleep as a warning or a sign that something or someone negative is within your circle. It can also mean that you are not happy in your waking life and laughing while dreaming became a way for you to escape from reality.

Whatever the reason is, laughing in your sleep can often portray that you’re seeing or experiencing something pleasant in your dream.

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Laughing in Your Sleep Superstition

Laughing during one’s sleep is interpreted differently, and here are some superstitious beliefs about this occurrence. Perhaps one of the most popular is that babies see angels; that is why they laugh while they are asleep. Meanwhile, other resources say that babies’ laughter is more of a reflex than a response to their dream. Generally, people also perceive laughing in one’s sleep as a sign of a good omen, although this depends on what the actual dream is or how the laughter sounded. Dreaming of laughing at someone else or being laughed at can translate to insecurities and negative feelings you have in life. Laughing in your sleep, mainly when it is disturbing, can also serve as a warning that you should be careful of people and future life situations.

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What Is REM Sleep Disorder?

Regular sleep divides into two stages, known as the non-rapid eye movement (NREM) and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. During the REM sleep stage, things like rapid eye movements, irregular breathing, a rise in blood pressure, and loss of muscle tone occur.

When you have REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) or parasomnia, you tend to act out your dreams because the temporary muscle paralysis that should occur during REM sleep is not present. This can go from merely laughing and talking to stronger movements such as jumping, punching, and kicking. There is no exact reason for this condition, but it is known to be related to neurological problems. Although laughing is a nonviolent action during sleep, people with RBD may also have a combined course of movements along with it, like arms flailing or shouting. RBD is often associated with other sleep problems, such as Narcolepsy and Periodic limb movement disorder.

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that has an impact on one’s wake and sleep cycle. It is a condition wherein an individual feels excessive sleepiness, hallucinations, sleep paralysis, and episodes of cataplexy in some cases. Meanwhile, Periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD) is the periodical, involuntary, and repetitive movement of the legs during sleep. These movements include cramping and jerking and often involve restlessness and disturbed sleeping patterns.

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What Does It Mean If Someone Talks in Their Sleep?

Woman Sleep Talking

Let’s talk about another popular topic related to sleep. Sleep talking is often treated as a harmless case. However, it could also be an indicator of a more serious sleep condition. Like sleep laughing, talking in your sleep is also linked with REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) and other problems.

Sleep talking can mean a lot, and it can range from simple dialogues to gibberish lines you can barely remember once you wake up. Sleep talking or somniloquy is a sleep disorder where a person tends to talk during sleep without being aware of it.

While making movements, talking, and laughing can be considered a part of a person’s sleeping patterns, it is still better if you’ll have a calm and peaceful sleep. A goodnight’s sleep checklist should always consist of a quality mattress like Olee Sleep Galaxy Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress (view on Amazon).

The Takeaway – What Does It Mean to Laugh in Your Sleep?

Laughing during sleep poses no danger and is something you shouldn’t worry about. However, it can be unpleasant for your partner or any person you share the room with. Also, it may sound like a typical occurrence. Still, it is essential to have yourself checked once you see the warning signs—this includes laughing associated with wild body movements and laughing while screaming or shouting or exhibiting any abnormal behavior. As mentioned, laughing in your sleep is often a harmless reaction to your dreams, but it’s never wrong to consult a health expert if you feel uncomfortable about it. Laughing while asleep is a natural and often memorable moment, especially when we’re talking about babies and toddlers. This behavior is interpreted differently across homes and families, but it helps if we discuss the issue and try to resolve it if it’s already problematic.

Laughing during sleep is not always a positive thing, so be sure to take all the stress away and think of happy thoughts before you sleep. You may or may not remember how much you laughed while asleep, but remember that this behavior can also affect your partner or anyone you share the room with. You can take small steps like sleeping and waking at regular times, maintaining proper lighting in your room, investing in things that help promote better sleep, and making sure that you are free of any pain and worry before you hit the sack.

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