Sleeping Bag for Stomach Sleepers – Our Top 10 Picks

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Most people sleep on their backs while others on their sides or stomachs, and most of the time, even when we sleep on a sleeping bag when we camp out or hike, we have the same practices. Choosing a sleeping bag for stomach sleepers is one of the most challenging because sleeping bags are designed more for back sleepers, which is also feasible for side sleepers. Likewise, there are a lot of factors to consider to ensure your comfort while sleeping.

What is the best sleeping bag for stomach sleepers? Sleeping bags with sufficient padding around the knee and stomach areas, where there is more pressure when you lay down, is excellent to prevent any injuries and ensure comfort. It is also best to get one that has enough room for you to move around.

With so many choices in the market, though, it would be impractical to evaluate each sleeping bag you see just to check if they meet the criteria mentioned. As such, here is a list and an overview of ten of the top-rated sleeping bags that would work for stomach sleepers.

Side Sleeper Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags in Tent

1. Western Mountaineering Sycamore MF: Best Overall

The Sycamore MF is one of the sleeping bags that most outdoor adventurers rave about due to the level of comfort it provides. It is padded with 17 ounces of down with a fill power of 850+, raising it about five inches above the ground.

It can warm you up during a cold night since it has a temperature rating ranging from 21 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm nights will also not be a problem because you can unzip it completely and turn it into a comforter-type like sleeping mat. What is better is that the Sycamore MF sleeping bag is available in right- and left-zip varieties.

With this semi-rectangular bag, you can move around the bag easily, even when slightly zipped. It also has enough room for your shoulders and feet due to its 62-inch and 46-inch girth, respectively. Thus, you can add more pillows and other items to make you feel more comfortable or add more warmth when it’s cold.

The Sycamore MF (view on Amazon) sleeping bag is made of durable, water-resistant, and breathable MicroLite XP™ fabric material, so the rainy season and dewy nights or early mornings won’t be an issue. One thing to note, though, is that, at the moment, this is only available in a cranberry color.

2. Western Mountaineering Alder MF: Best for Comfort

Another entry from Western Mountaineering, one of the most famous manufacturers of sleeping bags and other accessories, is their Alder Sleeping Bag. Available in semi-rectangular shape, two similar lengths, temperature rating, and shoulder and foot circumference as the Sycamore, this product comes in royal blue and left-zip design.

It is filled with 16 ounces of 850+ down for comfort and to raise the sleeping bag at about five inches above the ground. It is crafted with microfiber fabric material and has 5.25 inches of continuous baffles spacing, from one zipper to another. Lastly, apart you being able to open this flat to accommodate another individual or make it into a comforter or sleeping mat types, you can also attach it to the Western Mountaineering’s Summer Coupler.

3. Hyke & Byke Quandary: Best for Size Selection

Coming from a relatively new company, the Quandary Sleeping Bag has been tested and certified by a third-party laboratory for its quality. A 400T rip-stop nylon fabric material encases its 650 FP duck down filling, which is insulating, hydrophobic, and lightweight. It also has a ClusterLoft base to ensure it stays durable and moisture-resistant.

Size-wise, unlike the two Western Mountaineering products, this mummy-type sleeping bag is available in three different sizes. Short, which has a shoulder girth of 56 inches, a length of 72 inches, and a toe box area of 11 inches. This is for individuals with a height ranging from five to six feet.

On the other hand, the regular size has a length of 78 inches, shoulder circumference of 59 inches, and toe box area of 11 inches. If your height is between 5’7” and 6’1”, then this is the right size for you. Lastly, the long size, which is for individuals with heights ranging from 6’2” to 6’6”, has a length of 87 inches, shoulder girth of 64 inches, and toe box area of 14 inches.

4. Venture 4th Backpacking Sleeping Bag: Most Spacious

Available in multiple colors and sizes, this sleeping bag has a rectangular shape that makes it more spacious than the last three products discussed. It is made with skin-friendly, breathable, water-resistant, and durable polyester shell and filling material. When it comes to zippers, it has two: one at the bottom and the other on top.

The single size has a temperature rating ranging from about 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit while the double and XXL are between approximately 30 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The single size can accommodate a person with a maximum height of 5’11”, while individuals as tall as 6’8” can use the XXL.

5. TETON Sports Tracker 5: Best for Cold Season

This sleeping bag from TETON Sports is not just affordable but also has multiple layers of insulation to ensure you stay warm. This mummy-type sleeping bag has brushed liners designed to warm up as quickly as possible, plus there is a vaulted foot box and insulated zipper draft tube included. Additionally, it has a mummy hood to protect your face and head from cold air.

It is available in scout (kid) and adult sizes, as well as four different color combinations. Temperature rating-wise, the sleeping bag is at approximately five degrees Fahrenheit or -15 degrees Celsius. For your convenience and peace of mind, the sleeping bag has an interior pocket where you can keep your phone, keys, and other small, valuable items.

6. TETON Sports TrailHead: Most Affordable

Another entry from TETON Sports, this mummy-type sleeping bag (view on Amazon) is an ideal choice if you are tight on a budget. It’s also available in scout and adult sizes, as well as several color combinations that will match your kid’s preference. It has similar features as the first TETON Sports product featured except that it has a temperature rating of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit or -7 degrees Celsius.

7. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag: Best for Couples

If you or your partner or friend loves to hike and camp together, then this Sleepingo Sleeping Bag is best for you! This queen size sleeping bag doesn’t only fit two adults but can also be detached from each other so that each person can have their own sleeping bag. What’s more, is that it comes with two travel pillows.

This sleeping bag’s external shell and linings are made of waterproof and rip-resistant polyester fabric material, while the inner lining is a combination of cotton and Tetron to add comfort and coziness provided by its cotton filling. Lastly, it has an average temperature rating of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. WINNER OUTFITTERS Mummy Sleeping Bag: Best for All Season

Whether it’s a warm or cold night, sunny or rainy, this sleeping bag by WINNER OUTFITTERS (view on Amazon) is one of the best three- or four-season sleeping bags in the market today. Available in royal and sky blue shades, it has a 350T polyester shell with waterproof coating, as well as allergen-free, eco-friendly, and insulating 200G/㎡ Hollow fiber filling. It has a temperature rating ranging from 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

This lightweight, machine-washable sleeping bag can be secured using its double slider SBS zipper, which is capable of adjusting to the temperatures and has undergone several stress tests. Additionally, there are zipper draft tubes and draft collars that help prevent the warm or cold air from escaping, keeping you comfortable and cozy at any weather.

9. Coleman Heritage Sleeping Bag: Most Durable

With a dimension of approximately 84 x 40 inches, this sleeping bag by the famous company, Coleman, can accommodate a person as tall as up to 6’7”. It’s comfortable enough with its cotton liner and cover, as well as its Holofill 808 insulating system.

This rectangular sleeping bag also has lots of features to ensure you stay warm during cold weather. That includes FiberLock that will prevent insulation shift, ThermoLock that prevents heat loss through the bag’s zipper, and the Comfort Cuff that will keep your face warm and cozy. Overall, the sleeping bag has a temperature rating of 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

This machine-washable sleeping bag by Coleman also has a special ZipPlow zipper guide to make sure you can open and close the zipper smoothly and snag-free. Rolling and packing the bag isn’t challenging because as you roll it, the edges lock together, and then you can just use the cord to keep the bag from unrolling. What’s better is that this product comes with a five-year limited warranty.

10. Kelty Big Dipper: Best for Children

If you have children, it is always best for them to have their own sleeping bags so that they’ll be comfortable and have a personal space. This sleeping bag by Kelty (view on Amazon) is available in two colors and suits children between the age of four and twelve.

This lightweight sleeping bag has a cover and lining made of 66D polyester taffeta material and 31 ounces of filling, as well as Cloudloft insulation. You’ll also love that this sleeping bag has a draft collar to ensure warmth and coziness. Additionally, its insulated foot box can extend the bag up to 12 inches, giving your kid more room or ensures your kid won’t outgrow it quickly.

Final Words

There you have it! Some of the top-rated sleeping bags that can provide enough comfort and support if you sleep on your stomach. Do note that they can also be used by back and side sleepers.

Just pick what meets the users’ needs best. Also, if you will be camping with your dog, make sure you have the right sleeping item for him or her, as well as ensure that your dog is ready for the camping adventure.

Have a safe and fun outdoor adventure!

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