How to Move a Sleep Number Bed (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Moving a regular bed simply involves lifting and carrying your mattress and boxspring wherever it is convenient. Doing the same for a sleep number bed is quite different, though it can be quick and simple when done correctly. Moving a sleep number bed involves carefully disassembling and packing its components so that reassembling it later becomes easier.

How to Move a Sleep Number Bed:

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  1. Start with the sleep number disassembly process. Open the mattress by completely unzipping the mattress cover. The zip can be anywhere between the pillow cover and base. If you’re disassembling a Duvet-style bed or those with two zippers, unzip the bottom zipper.
  2. Pull out the hoses from the mattress. Look for the gray tabs on each side of the bed. Gently push the tab and carefully pull out the hose from the mattress through the cover opening.
  3. Take out the inner mattress parts. These include the air chambers, border walls, and corner locks. You may want to take photos of the internal parts for easier reference when reassembling your sleep number bed later.
  4. Unplug the bed’s firmness control system. This is the large white box unit to which the hoses are attached. Unplug and securely pack the unit to prevent possible damage.
  5. Pack the deflated air chambers. Use packing materials to avoid damaging the chambers.
  6. Put the cover and foam comfort pads in a double bag. This is to prevent staining the pads and the mattress.
  7. Remove the mattress retainers. Loosen the hex bolts with a 7/16-inch socket to remove the retainers. Remember to keep the bolts and other components in a safe place. You will use these components when rebuilding the bed.
  8. Disassemble the adjustable/modular base. Slide the decking panels off the bed frame.
  9. Detach the legs and side rails. Remove the wing nuts to detach the legs from the bed frame. Add all other components to the bag to prevent damaging or possibly losing them during transport.

With the mattress and bed frame disassembled and other components safely packed, you are now ready to carry them to another location.

How to Move a Sleep Number Bed to Another Room

Sleep number beds weigh less than traditional beds, making it easier to move them from one room to another. However, you may still need to disassemble and pack the bed’s module base before moving.

The modular base of sleep number bed is prone to twisting, so it is important to disassemble and pack with caution. Keep the hardware and other components in a safe bag, so they are not lost while moving.

How Do You Move a Sleep Number Adjustable Bed?

You may need a hand in disassembling and moving a sleep number adjustable bed. Extra care is required as experience data suggests that improper disassembling and moving can damage the bed. Note that taking down the bases of sleep number adjustable beds for all bases differs from disassembling a king-size base.

Disassembling for All Bases

  • Unplug the control system and disconnect all cables.
  • Secure cables by tying them to the adjustable base frame.
  • Secure the remotes and control system in a box.

Disassembling for King Size Bases Only

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  • The Eastern and California King, Split King, and FlexTop King beds have two individual adjustable bases. These bases are connected by bed straps at the head and foot. Mark the left and right side of the base with tapes for later reference.
  • Unscrew the two inside legs at the head of the bed to loosen. Remember not to loosen the legs entirely, but just enough to detach the bed strap.
  • With the bed strap removed, securely screw back the legs into the adjustable bases. Repeat at the foot of the bed.
  • It is important to screw the legs well into the base, so they do not bend while moving.

Can Movers Move a Sleep Number Bed?

Movers can transport a sleep number bed. Initially, follow the procedures in disassembling a number bed, which includes taking down the frame and header. Place the parts and tools in a bag and tape it to the bed’s larger frame to keep it from getting lost during transport.

Remember to secure the Firmness Control System, Sleep Number Remote, and instructions. Packed these components in a box, and arrange their transportation to minimize shock and vibration.

The advantage of using a moving company is that they can move the mattress assembled and in a mattress box. This means you can leave the mattress fully inflated and capped off. The closure caps are necessary for moving a fully inflated mattress, specifically to avoid third-party charges.

How Do You Move a Sleep Number 360 Bed?

  1. Get ready. Moving a sleep number 360 bed is typically a two-person job, and you will need the following:
    • One box with 2” packing material
    • One small bag for screws
    • Six towels
    • Moving blanket
    • One mattress bag
    • Remote/mobile device with SleepIQ App
  2. Get both sides of the bed inflated to 100. 
  3. Find the air chamber (view on Amazon) caps inside the base where the pump is stored. You can access the pump location by using your remote to lift the foot the base.
  4. Disconnect the hoses. Do this by pushing in the tab and gently pulling to disconnect. Cap off fast to avoid losing as much air. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side.
  5. Detach magnets. Remember that magnets release a strong magnetic field. Keep them away from each other and from other metallic objects to prevent possible hazards. Do so by placing towels between them to break the connection. 
  6. Put the mattress and other materials in a bag.

How to Move a Sleep Number Bed in Another House

It is often inevitable to move from one residence to another. And having invested so much in your bed means you will have to move your much-loved sleep surface with you.

Moving a sleep number bed can be a daunting task for some people. You may want to engage the help of professional movers to get you covered in wrapping up and securing your bed.

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However, if you are a do-it-yourself type of person, you most likely plan to disassemble, secure, and move your bed on your own. But remember that not having the assistance of professional movers means you will need to plan the safe transport of your sleep number bed. Here are simple steps to guide you after disassembling your sleep number bed:

  1. Slide the mattress bag over the mattress. A mattress bag is worth the investment because it eases you from the job of taping off every opening when you wrap a mattress in plastic.
  2. Use tape to seal and secure the mattress bag. Fold over the top of the bag and tape it all the way around to seal and secure the mattress.
  3. Load the mattress onto the vehicle. If you are renting a truck, you will prefer laying your mattress flat against a solid surface or upright flat against the wall of the vehicle. Be sure there are no sharp edges and surfaces that can cause damage to your mattress.
  4. Once the mattress is loaded in the car, check whether it is secure from sliding. You can use an inexpensive ratchet strap to tighten down the mattress well.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the mattress fabric from coming into contact with elements that may damage its surface.

Can You Move a Sleep Number Bed Without Taking It Apart?

The answer is yes, particularly if you are moving the sleep number bed to another part of the room. But with the bed intact, you need help should you wish to carry it in another room. Remember to use the structural steel to hold and avoid holding on its foam, wooden, and plastic parts.

Still, it is best to remove the legs before carrying it to another room. The legs are strong enough to take weight pushing straight down but are not designed to take side force. Failure to remove the legs before carrying the bed may result in accidentally putting pressure that may bend them.

Conclusion – How to Move a Sleep Number Bed

The relatively low weight of sleep number beds makes them reasonably easy to move. Still, the disassembling and packing process does require a bit more time and effort to move this type of bed. You can do the task on your own, although the job gets easier when you have help. It is also essential to have the set of instructions handy, especially when you need to pull back the bed together after the move.

With patience and some assistance, you should be able to move your mattress to another location. Just remember to keep it secured as you move to keep it from being damaged in the process.

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