Why Are Mattresses So Expensive? (12 Reasons)

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If you’re looking for a new mattress, you’re probably wondering why they’re so expensive. Whether you need something simple or not, it can be a challenge to find an affordable one. Mattresses come in different sizes, materials, and comfort levels. Understanding the business aspects of the mattress industry can help clear up why they are so expensive.

Why are mattresses so expensive? Mattresses are expensive for several reasons. For one, they have a high-profit margin. A mattress that may be cheap to make might sell for a high price in a store by a salesperson. Extra features like no-flip and pillow tops also add to the cost, as well as the cost of materials.

We may purchase a new mattress every four to five years, which doesn’t give us a lot of buying experience. When you go into a store, you may not know what to expect. A salesperson working on commission will often greet you and try to sell you the highest price. If you don’t negotiate, you may succumb to an outrageous cost. Thankfully, these days, we can use the internet to check reviews and find deals before making a purchase.

There are several other reasons why mattresses are so expensive. Keep reading to find out more.

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Why Are Mattresses So Expensive?

Mattresses are expensive, mainly because of the materials used. They often use various kinds of foams with different density and viscosity. For innerspring mattresses, the number of coils and their types also dictate the price.

However, a mattress is not just all about what’s inside it. You might be surprised that its expensive price tag is worth every cent.

1. They have a High-Profit Margin

The mattress industry is considered one of the highest in terms of profit margin ranging to a 40-50% price range.

The mattress industry has low overhead, especially when it comes to deliveries from the manufacturer down to the consumer. Apart from that, employees are often commission-based, encouraging them to sell the most expensive ones.

Although there are low seasons that don’t hinder the demand, once the peak season comes, people have a higher buying capacity to buy much more expensive mattresses. This event will give opportunities for mattress manufacturers to set a higher markup on their products.

2. Brand Reputation and High-Quality

For more prominent companies like Tempur, they know that many people are willing to pay a higher price for their products. These companies were able to establish their brand reputation as well as create a good number of loyal customers. Companies may take advantage of this fact to earn higher profits.

Regardless of the expensive tag, people also associate the brand’s reputation with quality.

3. Price Matching

Price matching also happens in the mattress industry. There are times that a manufacturer would often deliver the same mattress but with different brands. However, there are times that these mattresses are priced differently in many mattress stores.

It is a dilemma for many consumers because they would want to buy a less expensive mattress if given a chance. However, it would probably end up with them buying a much more expensive one with the same specifications. Buying the mattress online is advised by some experts. This is because you can check and research the actual specification and materials used in creating the mattress. You can determine if the specification is worth the price.

4. Necessity

Buying a new mattress isn’t like buying a new car or a phone. Instead, people buy a mattress because it is needed. Most people do not hesitate to buy a new mattress, especially when their current mattress isn’t doing a great job. Some people consider sleep as an utmost necessity, especially if they are working around the clock.

Consumers won’t even consider buying a secondhand mattress even if they are in a bind. They believe that used mattresses are unhygienic and less durable than the brand new ones.

5. Limited Online Resources

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Consumers often find it a challenge to choose a mattress. This is because they don’t buy them regularly. However, as consumers, it’s also tough to gauge the quality of certain brands. Most of the time, consumers would rely on their mattress salesperson to suggest which mattress is right for them. With this, it doesn’t assure you if you are getting the best deal or the best mattress to address your own needs.

6. Supply Chain Cycle

The supply chain for mattress manufacturing is usually long. From the manufacturer, it has to go through a series of departments like distributors, salespeople, and more. Often the cost would pile up, thus making the retail price rise twice than the original price from the manufacturer.

This is a common reason why some people don’t buy mattresses in mattress stores. Often, they go to manufacturers directly and negotiate with the prices. Some new mattress companies decided to open an only store to sell their mattresses to consumers directly. They believe its more transparent and a more comfortable process for them and the consumers. Mattresses would still be pricey but not as pricey from the mattress stores.

7. Durability

Compared to other mattresses in the market, expensive mattresses are sturdier and more durable, mainly because of the materials that the manufacturer used to create them.

If you happen to buy a Tempur mattress, you shouldn’t be surprised at how sturdy it is. Most Tempurpedic Mattresses can withstand pressure and adapt to external temperature.

8. A Good Investment

As we mentioned before of their durability, expensive mattresses are suitable investments for the long run. You can actually save more money and time. They may seem expensive, but because you don’t purchase them often, the price tag doesn’t seem so bad. Most of the cheaper foam mattresses in the market quickly wear in a few months or a few years. Half of the time, you might have to buy a new one after 2 or 3 years of using the cheaper one.

You may also ask the question, “Why are tempurpedic mattresses so expensive?” Tempurpedic mattresses are often expensive. It would cost you from $1,000 to $7,000, depending on the type. However, this mattress can last you at least ten years before you may need to buy another one. So, if you happen to wonder why a Tempurpedic mattress is so expensive, always remember that a luxury bed is a good investment because of its durability.

9. Features

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Many mattresses include different features. For instance, some companies have added a waterproof cover to keep the inner foam safe from spillage.

You can also find hypoallergenic mattresses, which cater to people with allergies. Furthermore, there are hybrid mattresses like the PrimaSleep Premium 8 inches Gel-Infused mattress (view on Amazon). This mattress comes with a gel layer, which helps alleviate extreme heat.

Some companies, like Tempurpedic and Inofia, also started creating mattresses that help alleviate body pains. One example of that is the Inofia Memory Foam Mattresses (view on Amazon).

10. Raw Materials

There are different kinds of materials used in creating foam mattresses, depending on the type.

For the traditional foams, many manufacturers often used petroleum-based products such as polyurethane. Polyurethane foams come in different selections, depending on the firmness of the mattress. However, this type of material seemed to be deemed unsafe.

Some mattress manufacturers started using coconut foam, soybeans, and other plant materials. They believe that these materials are cheaper and, at that same time, eco-friendly compared to the traditional one.

11. Size and Thickness

There are different sizes of mattresses. It is a common thought that the larger the dimension of the bed, the more materials and accessories are used to create it.

Thickness also plays a critical role in the price criteria. Many mattress stores often sell firmer mattresses at a higher price, mainly because of the materials used in that mattress. Buying a mattress like a queen size Linenspa 8 inches mattress (view on Amazon) is an excellent bed, but an investment.

12. The Type of Mattress

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Another factor that many mattress stores often consider is the type of mattress. We have the innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, latex, and air bed.

Innerspring Mattress

Innersprings mattresses are often sold cheaper compared to the other mattresses in the market. Its inner support is made up of springs while its upper layer is made from memory foam. The thickness of the mattress also helps determine its durability. Mattresses with low-gauge coils are often considered more durable than the thinner high-gauge ones. Coil count also dictates the price tag of the mattress. However, it doesn’t really determine the durability and quality of the bed.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are considered a little pricey, mainly because of the two different materials used to create it. Some hybrid beds often put a layer of gel to help reduced heat.

Some manufacturers have also added microcoils to add better support for the bed. It lessens pain relief and adds more conformity for the foundation. With the addition of the microcoils, the price range of a hybrid mattress is higher than the standard hybrid mattress.

Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are the most common mattresses that we often see in stores. They are usually durable and can withstand at least 5 to 7 years, depending on the foam density of the bed. Mattresses with low-density foams are less durable compared to the higher ones. The greater the density of the foam, the higher the price of the mattress.

Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is often considered a mid-range mattress. Those with denser and heavier latex are known for better support, while the lighter and less dense mattress is known for its high comfortability level. The lighter latex mattress is often considered the most pricey.

Conclusion – Why Are Mattresses so Expensive?

Given the durability, the materials, the types, and features, it is no question why some companies would set a high price. Although some people will still question why they seem overpriced, being able to sleep comfortably at night is worth the price.

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