How to Keep Your Top Bed Sheet Tucked In

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Using a top or flat sheet prevents your comforter from getting in contact with your clothing and body for you not to change and wash it regularly. If it comes off each time you toss and turn around your bed, then it’s no longer doing its job. Placed underneath your comforter, tucking in the top sheet under your fitted bed sheet is a great solution, and knowing how to keep it tucked will further ensure your comfort and convenience.

So, how to keep your top bed sheet tucked in? There are simple ways to keep your top bed sheet tucked in, even if you move around while sleeping. That includes creating a knot at the edge of the top sheet and using safety pins and stretchy bands.

To help you understand the three methods better, below are detailed discussions on how to go about each of them.

Top Bed Sheet

Three Methods on How to Keep the Top Sheet from Coming Untucked

These methods wouldn’t require you to buy something expensive or anything at all, especially if you already have the items needed. For each process, the first thing you need to do is to lay the top sheet on your bed, ensuring there are no crimps and wrinkles. You must also make sure that the end of the top sheet reaches the bottom edge of the mattress.

1. Creating a Knot

By far, this is the quickest and easiest way of keeping your top bed sheet tuck under your fitted sheet. Here are detailed steps you need to follow:

  1. Take about two inches of the rightmost edge of the top sheet and create a knot. Do the same on the leftmost edge of the top sheet.
  2. Slightly untuck the rightmost bottom edge of your fitted sheet and then tuck the corresponding knot you created. After that, slip the fitted bed sheet back to the edge of the mattress, making sure the knotted part of the top sheet stays in place. Repeat this step on the left side.
  3. Once done, push the mattress slowly against your bed frame.
  4. Slowly pull the remaining part of the top sheet upwards to make it look neat. You can now place your comforter on top of it.
  5. That’s it! You’re done. All you have to do is get under the sheets and have a restful sleep.

2. Using Safety Pins

Keeping the flat sheet tucked in with the help of safety pins is one of the oldest methods which have been passed on from one generation to another. Similar to creating knots, this is also rather simple and can be accomplished with just a few steps.

  1. Attach the bottom part of your top sheet to the fitted-sheet-covered mattress by inserting the safety pin. Make sure all three, the top sheet, fitted sheet, and mattress, are held by the safety pin. You can do this on either the right and left edges only or the whole bottom part of the flat sheet, depending on your preference.
  2. If you have a thin top sheet, you can cut out small pieces of old cloth to make the part where you will place the safety pins a little thicker.
  3. Clasp the safety pin securely. Move the closed safety pin horizontally to make sure the inserted part of the sheet is in the middle of the pin, and then gently push the pin’s body towards your mattress so that it lays flat. This will make sure that the pin stays in place.
  4. The last thing you need to do is place your comforter on top of the top sheet, ready to keep you warm and comfy once you go to sleep.

3. Utilizing Stretchy Bands

The stretchy band is also known as the bed sheet holder band. You can use either two pieces of short stretchy bands or one long band that can go around your mattress, from top to bottom. Choosing between the two would depend on your preference. Just make sure you keep your mattress’ size in mind when purchasing bands.

Long Bands

  1. Stretch the band out and slide it onto the upper side of the mattress, covering it from right to left. In case you have a large-sized mattress, you should seek the help of your housemate or a friend.
  2. Pull the stretchy band along the sides of the mattress until you reach the edge.
  3. Slide the stretchy band onto the bottom side of the mattress.
  4. Put and fix your top sheet, and then tuck the bottom edges between the covered mattress and band. You may also tuck the sides in if you want to, leaving the top open for you to get in when it’s time for you to go to bed.
  5. Top it off with your comforter, and you’re good to go.

Short Bands

Short stretchy bands are ideal to use if you only choose to tuck the side edges of your top sheet. You would also won’t need any help when using short stretchy bands. Here are the steps:

  1. Stretch the bands and slide one onto the right edge of the mattress while the other on the left side.
  2. Put and fix your top sheet on your covered mattress and then insert each of its edge to their corresponding stretchy bands.
  3. That’s it! You’re done.

Which Method Should You Choose?

White Bed Sheet

The provided practical methods on how to keep your top bed sheet tucked in have their disadvantages, and each would work for a particular group of individuals. As such, whichever you choose would depend on your sleeping behavior and needs.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to feel too restricted when sleeping, the knot method would be best for you. Although there would be times that the sheet might come untucked, the result wouldn’t be as bad as when you’re just using your flat sheet as is.

On the other hand, the safety pin and stretchy band methods are great for those who want to keep their feet under the sheets. However, if you don’t want to put little holes on the flat and fitted sheets or you move too much while sleeping, which might tear the sheets, especially if you have a satin bedding set (view on Amazon), then the stretchy band is preferable over the safety pin method.

The best part? You can combine the knot method with either the safety pin hack or the safety band technique!

How to Keep Fitted Sheets from Coming off Your Bed

Tucked-in Bed Sheets

From the above methods, you can see that the fitted bed sheet also plays a role in keeping your top sheet tucked in. Hence, you must make sure you have quality bed sheets or a zip-up fitted sheet (view on Amazon) that fits snugly to your mattress.

If you do not want to use that style of fitted sheet or be restricted to one kind of fitted sheets, though, there are ways on how to prevent the garter-type fitted sheets from riding off your bed. Similar to the hacks on how to keep your top sheet tucked in, the following methods are simple, quick, and cost-efficient.

1. Clipping Sheet Suspenders

Sheet suspenders help keep your fitted sheets in place by creating tension on the sheet corners. They come in different styles and sets, and the clips can be plastic or metal.

Since they have different designs, manufacturers usually provide instructions on how to use them. Nevertheless, generally, all you have to do is open the clips, and then clip and lock each of them on the right and left corners of your innerspring, all-foam, or hybrid mattress (view on Amazon).

The elastic band would stretch out and slightly pull the fitted sheet toward the center, ensuring it doesn’t come loose even if you move around your bed.

2. Sewing in Velcro

Velcro has long been used in bags, wallets, and other products that need to be closed or secured, so there is no doubt that you can also use it to prevent your fitted bed sheet from coming off your mattress.

For this, you must hand sew one part of the Velcro to the bottom area of your mattress; ideally, a few inches from where the edge of the fitted sheet tucks. If you have problems with sewing, though, you can purchase Velcro with a sticky or adhesive side so that you can just stick it to the mattress. The next thing you have to do is sew the other part of the Velcro to the fitted sheet, making sure it will meet the Velcro on the mattress.

Conclusion – How to Keep Your Top Bed Sheet Tucked In

Having a good night’s sleep does not only depend on the mattress you sleep on and the comforter or layers of multiple heavy blankets you use, but also on not waking up constantly due to changes in the temperature as soon as the top sheet comes off. The discomfort continues after you wake up because you would need to make your bed again, instead of just straightening out the top sheet and placing your comforter over it.

To save you time and effort, as well as prevent you from laundering your comforter more often, just learn by heart and apply the methods on how to keep your top bed sheet tucked in. For it to be more effective, make sure you keep your fitted bed sheets tucked in, as well.

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