How to Extend Your Bed Frame (8 Ways)

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If your current bed frame is not long enough for your height or your mattress, you may be wondering how to extend it. From the modern appeal of headboards and footboards to attaching bed frame extension brackets and rails, you’re not far from having a bigger bed. So, you’re probably wondering, “How can I extend my bed frame?”

There are several ways to extend a bed frame. You could purchase extension brackets and rails to augment the size of your bed frame. Be creative with what you have inside the house – like a table or bench. Welding additional metal onto your bed frame is something else you could consider as well.

Here are 8 ways to extend a bed frame:

  1. Weld additional metal onto your bed frame
  2. Invest in a platform bed frame
  3. Indulge in carpentry
  4. Use footboard extensions
  5. Extend with a table or bench
  6. Connect two beds with a bed bridge
  7. Turn your bed board into a bed frame extender
  8. Adjust the width of your headboard and footboard

Extending a bed frame is nearly as easy as making your bed. This article will provide several options for extending your bedframe and saying goodbye to nights of cramped sleeping.

Bed on Black Metal Bed Frame

How to Extend Your Bed Frame (8 Ways)

From DIY ways to seeking professional help and recycling to buying, choose among the following options on how to extend a bed frame.

1. Weld Additional Metal onto Your Bed Frame

A portable welding machine (view on Amazon) and a few metal strips (cylindrical or flat, but the same width as your bed frame) are all you need for this DIY option. You could extend the bed frame from either the head or foot part of your bed. If you’re not handy with a welding machine, you could have a professional welder do it for you.

2. Invest In a Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frames could give you the extra space you need – both in length and width. You won’t need to worry if your existing mattress is shorter or lacks in width compared to the platform bed frame (view on Amazon). Most of these products come with upholstered borders, giving you more elbow room when you sleep. Some borders are flat wooden surfaces offering a sturdy nook for your book or your favorite nightcap.

3. Indulge In Carpentry

Let’s say that you bought a new mattress only to find out that it’s a couple of inches longer than your bed frame. The ‘furniture-making’ steps to resolve your dilemma are easy to follow. All you need are wood slabs, bolts, nuts, and drawer slides.

  1. Detach the foot end of your bed frame.
  2. Install drawer slides on your bed’s original sideboards.
  3. Cut wood planks from sturdy wood like maple, birch, or pine. Match the thickness with the drawer slides’ width. The width must be within your bed frame’s measurement, but you could decide on the length.
  4. Bolt the wood slabs onto the drawer slides and the foot end of your bed frame.

Optional steps:

  1. Create two new ‘legs’ for your extended bed frame.
  2. Attach casters on the legs, preferably with a locking mechanism, so they stay in place when you’re asleep.

An added perk of this step is that you just turned your bed frame into an adjustable one.

4. Use Footboard Extensions

If DIY isn’t your thing, investing in footboard extensions (view on Amazon) is a wise choice if you’re looking for a bed frame length extender. Bed frame extension rails mostly come with a complete attachment kit set, making the assembly and attaching them to the bed frame quite simple. With a screwdriver handy, you’d probably be done in about an hour.

Extra Tips:

  1. Before buying a footboard extension kit, take photos and measurements of your existing bed frame to ensure that the holes would line up properly.
  2. Look for angled rails that would keep your mattress in place.
  3. Choose footboard extensions made from sturdy metals like iron or steel.

5. Extend With a Table or Bench

You could hammer together planks of wood to create a table or bench. Another option is to use one that has been collecting dust in your basement or attic. The key in this DIY solution is that the table or bench must be of the same level as your bed frame. Remember to bind the adjoining legs of both the table/bench and the bed with sturdy tying materials like a rope or wire so you don’t accidentally push it away when you turn in your sleep.

6. Connect Two Beds With a Bed Bridge

Twin Beds Joined Together

If you’re finding ways on how to extend a bed frame, consider joining two smaller beds that you already have instead. This is an easy fix by using a bed bridge (view on Amazon). Found in the beddings section of department stores or online stores, bed bridges come in kits that usually include:

  1. A central piece that you could place between two beds
  2. A strap that binds the beds together
  3. Loops to secure the central piece and the strap (optional accessories)

7. Turn Your Bedboard Into a Bed Frame Extender

Extend your bed frame with just a few tweaks. The key component in this option is your bed board acting as your bed frame length or width extender. Here are the steps:

  1. Take the mattress off its bed frame.
  2. If your bed is flushed to a wall or a corner, pull the bed frame away from the wall parallel to what side you wish to extend your bed frame.
  3. Unscrew the bedboard.
  4. Put the mattress back on.
  5. Slide the mattress and the bed board until you expose the bed frame to your desired extra space.
  6. Drill new holes on the bedboard and screw it back on the bed frame.
  7. Fill the space with a block foam that matches either the length or width of your mattress.
  8. If necessary, add blankets or cardboards under the foam to even out the thickness.
  9. Top your larger bed with an eggshell foam for seamless comfort.

8. Adjust the Width of Your Headboard and Footboard

If you’re planning on upsizing your bed frame from a queen to a king, you could simply widen the headboard and the footboard. However, it pays to know the US standard width measurement for king-size beds (76 inches), so you don’t end up with a frame that’s an inch or two wider or narrower than your king-size mattress.

If the headboard and footboard are screwed onto the bed frame, follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the headboard and footboard from the bed frame.
  2. Replace with new ones measuring 76 inches in width.
  3. Screw the new headboard and footboard in place.

If the boards slide into a notch on the bed frame, here are the steps:

  1. Slide the headboard and footboard out of the notch.
  2. Measure the notch’s depth and width.
  3. Add the depth measurement to 76 inches. If the headboard and footboard slide to a notch on both sides, double the measurement before adding to 76 inches.
  4. Based on the notch’s width measurement, choose a slightly narrower material.
  5. Apply the total measurement (notch’s depth plus 76 inches) to the material you’d use for the new headboard and footboard.
  6. Cut the material accordingly.
  7. Sand off the edges of the new headboard and footboard so they slide easily on the notch.

Conclusion: How to Extend Your Bed Frame (8 Ways)

Let’s review the __ ways on how to extend your bed frame:

  1. Weld additional metal onto your bed frame
  2. Invest in a platform bed frame
  3. Indulge in carpentry
  4. Use footboard extensions
  5. Extend with a table or bench
  6. Connect two beds with a bed bridge
  7. Turn your bed board into a bed frame extender
  8. Adjust the width of your headboard and footboard

Whatever your reason is for extending your bed frame, you now have several options to choose from. Whether you opt to use the materials you already have or go for wise purchasing decisions, this article aims to give you a well-deserved sleep without having to dig deep in your pocket.


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