How to Stop IKEA Bed Slats from Squeaking

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An IKEA bed frame is tight and snug once you assemble it, but after years of usage, you would hear a squeaking sound each time you toss and turn. This is annoying and will surely disturb you while you’re taking a rest, leading to poor quality sleep. The good thing is that working on your IKEA bed frame’s slats can help solve the squeaking problem.

How to stop IKEA bed slats from squeaking? The squeaking sound caused by the bed frame’s slats can be resolved in different ways, depending on the culprit. The solutions may include lubrication or greasing, bolt-and-nut tightening, adding screws or padding, and replacing old or worn-out slats.

For you to successfully stop your IKEA bed slats from squeaking, below is a detailed discussion of the several ways to resolve the issue. You will also be provided with a straightforward solution to a squeaky metal bed frame.

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How Do I Stop My Bed Slats from Squeaking?

1. Tighten the Bolts and Nuts

When you assembled your IKEA bed frame the first time, there are at least four bolts to keep the bed frame together. Two at the headboard and two at the footboard. Your movement, as well as your sleeping partner’s, will soon loosen these bolts, so the slats won’t fit the frame as tightly as it was before.

Here are the steps for this solution:

  1. All you got to do is locate the wrench that the frame came with when you bought it or an ordinary wrench you have in your garage or storage room.
  2. Slowly tighten the bolts and nuts, but pay closer attention to the area where you hear the squeaking since this is where the joints are too loose.
  3. Put the mattress back, lay down, and roll around the bed. If you don’t hear any squeaking sounds, then you’re good! If it still produces sound, remove the mattress and move on to the next method.

2. Lubricate or Apply Grease on Some Parts of the Frame

Lubrication or grease application can aid in reducing friction between the different parts of the frame, resolving the irritating squeaks. Here are some methods:


  1. For this method, you can use any form of oil or the WD-40 No-Mess Pen, which is convenient for tight and hard-to-reach areas.
  2. Apply a little bit of the product on areas or corners where parts are joined together. Do the same for the wood parts that are rubbing each other.
  3. You should also apply the product on the metal parts of the bed frame, such as the bolts and nuts. To do this properly, jostle the bolts and nuts while applying the grease, making sure all the crevices have oil. After that, tighten the screws or bolts and nuts.
  4. The next thing you need to do is to test if your bed still squeaks by putting the mattress back and then rolling your body on the mattress.


  1. To lubricate your wooden IKEA bed slats, you would need a paraffin block or a candle.
  2. For attached slats, unscrew or remove the nails carefully, and then lift each slat.
  3. Rub the paraffin or candle wax on the edges of each of the slat. Do the same on the edges of the frame where the slats would be placed.
  4. Put the slats back and your mattress.
  5. Do the same test as above to check if the squeaking is gone.

3. Add More Screws

Metal Screws

This is quite a drastic way on how to stop IKEA bed slats from squeaking since you will make holes on the bed. This is also not recommended for individuals who plan to move to a different home or constantly move due to job assignments. That is because you would have a hard time disassembling the bed after this hack is done.

Nevertheless, this is one of the best solutions since it will make your wooden frame solid. Here are the steps:

  1. Get a drill and four pieces of long screws.
  2. For each corner of the bed frame, drill a screw at a toenail angle. Ensure that the screw holds the side rail and headboard together, as well as the side rail and the footboard together.
  3. Now you have one solid piece of a bed frame, so when you put the slats back, they will fit perfectly and won’t make any sounds.

4. Add Padding

Padding aids in reducing or removing the friction between your mattress and bed frame, which creates the squeaky sound. That is achieved by creating a barrier between the two objects.

For this solution, you can use your old shirts, socks, and other pieces of cloth. Just layer them on top of your bed frame slats. Another hack is by filling the space where the box spring or mattress can rub against, with corks.

5. Replace Old or Worn-Out Slats

Of course, when the bed frame ages, the wooden slats will have signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, bends, and holes. As such, they are already weaker than usual, so you need to replace them.

So, just carefully inspect each of the slats and replace what needs to be changed. Just make sure you get the right slat for your bed frame model.

How Do I Stop My Metal Bed Frame from Squeaking?

Metal Bed Frame Apartment

Now, what if you have a solid metal bed frame instead of a frame with slats? How will you resolve the squeaking issue? Well, this is a bit easier to resolve than a squeaking bed slat.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Once the mattress and box spring has been removed, unscrew the screws and bolts that hold the frames and side rails together.
  2. After that, put a plastic washer on each of the screws.
  3. Put the screws back.
  4. Place a washer in between the bolt and the frame.
  5. Tighten each of the bolts.
  6. Spray a lubricant on the interlocking connectors of squeaky springs. A petroleum-based lubricant will be best for this.
  7. Get an electrical tape and then wrap the frame legs where the bed rails are attached.
  8. Put a hole on the tape.
  9. Insert the screw on the hole you made and then attach the rails. This way, the metal pieces have a cushion, preventing them from rubbing each other.

That’s just about it when it comes to metal bed frames (view on Amazon). This, however, does not mean that metal bed frames are better than wooden frames. Whichever you go with will depend on your preference, and their quality will also depend on their make.

What Bed Does Not Squeak?

Although there are solutions to squeaking wooden bed slats and metal bed frames, some of you might want to consider a bed that doesn’t squeak at all. That leads you to wonder if this kind of bed even exists.

For both wooden and metal bed frames with many parts for assembly, the number one reason they squeak is that the headboard or footboard and side rails rub against each other due to a loosely assembled bed frame. With that in mind, beds made of solid wood, such as bamboo, oak, mahogany, and rubberwood, are great choices. They would still produce noise but only minimal, so they’re not disturbing and annoying.

Wooden platform beds, on the other hand, do not produce any sound because of the absence of a box spring. These beds, though, have a lower height or distance from the floor, which some of you might not be comfortable with. Nonetheless, if you really want something that doesn’t make any sound no matter how much you move, then a platform bed (view on Amazon) is an excellent choice.

Conclusion – How to Stop IKEA Bed Slats from Squeaking

Even if you sleep on a comfortable and new mattress, a squeaky bed frame will surely disturb you. This sound usually signifies loose bolts and parts, material fatigue, and worn-out parts. At times, this might be a sign that you need to replace your bed frame or consider a platform bed. If that is not the case, though, there are a lot of easy and affordable hacks that you can consider whether you have a bed frame with or without slats. You can even combine two or more of the solutions suggested above.

On that note, you must inspect your bed slats and frame first in order to determine if they are the ones that are causing the noise and not your mattress or box spring (view on Amazon). Likewise, the climate also makes bed frames squeak, so you have to check if the problem is only seasonal. If so, you can adjust the temperature in your room accordingly.

Lastly, for all types of bed frames, the squeaky sound might be coming from the bed legs rubbing against your floor, most especially if you have hardwood flooring. This problem is further enhanced because your floor will start to have scratches. Whether or not this is the issue, it is a wise decision to purchase furniture pads and place them under the bed legs. This helps level out the bed, preventing the bed from rocking, as well as reduce the friction between the bed legs and the floor.

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