30 Things to Do with Your Best Friend at a Sleepover

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Your best friend coming over for a sleepover is definitely something to look forward to because you’ll spend more time together without lots of distractions and other people around. The only problem is what you should do during the sleepover so that it becomes memorable and special. There are actually more than 30 things to do with your best friend at a sleepover that you’ll surely enjoy.

So what are the 30 things to do with your best friend at a sleepover? Sleepover activities will depend on gender and age, plus your parents’ approval and items available for use. That said, there are gender-and age-neutral activities you can consider, and your parents will surely approve of.

With so many options available, being the host of a sleepover can be overwhelming, especially since you need to plan this with your parents or mom. Today we’ll look at 30 age-neutral and cost-efficient sleepover ideas, divided into activities for any gender and for those who prefer boyish or girly activities.

Jenga Game

What Can You Do with Your Best Friend at a Sleepover?

Prepare your matching jammies and/or slippers because this will be a long list of fun!

Gender-Neutral Activities

1. Board Games

In this age and time wherein video and online games are popular, it is best to have a different bonding experience by playing board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, and Snakes and Ladders. The best part of playing them is unlocking, and exploring how the game is played.

2. Play Twister

This is another fun game to play. Player one spins the board to determine where he or she would place his or her feet or hands. The next player follows, and so on. In the end, you’d be twisted or knotted together.

3. Truth or Dare

Another great activity to kill time and laugh together is truth or dare. This is also a way to get to know more about each other and make fun of each other.

4. Play Unique Games

Apart from traditional games, you can try out unique games for your mind and body. Some suggestions include:

  • Goofball: This is a game that would require you to use a phone camera and exercise your facial muscles. The idea is, each one of you will take a selfie in a separate room or area of the house. After taking a selfie, the person hands the phone to the next player who would also take a selfie. Honesty is key here since you shouldn’t look at the pictures after every friend is done. The winner would be the one with the goofiest picture!
  • Exquisite Corpse: This is a great mind game that will require creativity and a piece of paper and a pen. To begin, one of you will write a sentence or two of a story. Fold the paper, exposing only the last sentence, and then pass it on to the next person who would continue the story. Fold the paper to cover the rest of the story, while again, exposing the last sentence. When everybody’s done, read the story you created, and you’d all be laughing how it turned out!

5. Have Fun with Water

Water Balloons

Games involving water are fun but need to be done outdoors, of course. You can have water guns, hide and then seek each other out, firing at one another. You can also choose to have balloons filled with water and then throw them out at each other.

6. Swim

If you have an installed pool or an inflatable pool, set up a night swimming party. Swim and then play games like volleyball while you’re in the water.

7. Have an Indoor Beach Party

If the weather is bad, you can have a beach party inside the house, without the water being involved. Just fill inflatables with balls and other items, and then have umbrellas set up on top of carpets or mats for each one of you.

8. Talent Show

Each one of you surely has a talent or two that you can share with everyone! Invite everyone in the household or even some neighbors to have an audience. Who knows? You might even get a surprise prize!

9. Indoor Camping

Camping is always a fun activity, whether you’re a kid, tween, teen, or an adult. Setting up a campsite inside the house or your room using blankets as tents, creating a pillow fort, and using sleeping bags as beds, will give you the camping vibe without having to deal with insects and wild animals. Make sure each one gets a flashlight because turning off the lights while sharing spooky stories will make this activity more fun and memorable!

10. Outdoor Camping or Glamping

If you have a porch, den, front yard, or backyard large and safe enough to camp out, and the weather cooperates, camping outside of your home would be great. You can run around the yard, play games like scavenger hunting, or again, share spooky stories! If your yard has poles or trees where you can set up a hammock, then add this to your list so that you can choose between hammocks vs. tents to sleep in after a night-long of fun.

11. Pig Out

Pepperoni Pizza

What is a sleepover without food? Take this up to the next level by making your own food. No, not from scratch. Get that pre-made pizza dough out of the refrigerator and top them with each of your topping choices and place them inside the oven. Or, make a simple icing to place on pre-baked cupcakes and sprinkle your favorite toppings. Popcorns are also great!

12. Sing Your Hearts Out

Whether you’re a great singer or not, belting out some musical notes with your best friend will keep the night alive! There are portable karaoke machines and microphones that you can use or just load some YouTube videos and sing along.

13. Take Photos via a DIY Photobooth

Stir away from the selfies and groupies you take all the time. Set up a photo booth at home with wall decors plus props that you can play around with, and then either have a digital camera or phone camera on a tripod to take your photos.

14. Photo Album Making

What’s the best way to save the photos you captured? Have them printed and place them in a DIY photo album. Not only will the photos remind you of the fun moments, but the photo album will also add value because you made it together.

15. Pillowcase Designing

Photos and the photo album are not the only memory-reminding items you can save. Design a large pillowcase together or have one pillowcase each to design. Either way, this will keep your hands busy while you talk about anything you want to.

16. Bonfire

Let the adults set up a bonfire outside. Sit around it, cook some hotdogs on a stick, marshmallows, and more! You can do so while sharing fun or scary stories.

17. Movie Marathon

Popcorn for Movie

Watching movies of a similar theme, comedy, scary, or family, while munching on popcorn is a great way to end the sleepover since you can leave the TV on as you doze off. You would be sleeping peacefully, too, since your eyes, bodies, and minds would be tired.

18. Go Around the Neighborhood

Requiring adult approval and supervision, before it gets too dark, go around the neighborhood without having to wear something fancy. Just your house clothes and slippers! Go to the park or visit a store and shop and buy something like candies, chocolates, souvenirs, and other simple things. You may also choose to go to an ice cream parlor.

19. Stargaze

Got a telescope at hand? Explore the sky and watch the stars while you draw out anything from the star patterns you see. If you don’t have a telescope, just stargaze and draw whatever you see together.

20. Pillow Fight

What is a sleepover without the traditional pillow fight, right? You can end the night laughing and covered with multiple pillows.

21. Sunrise Watching

It was indeed a good night of laughter and bonding, so try to wake up early and wait for the sunrise! Go out and find a good area to watch the sunrise together while sipping a cup of hot choco, and then take a selfie–a photo that will surely be great to end a video or placed at the end of a photo album.

22. Eat Some Pancakes

Have some good ole pancakes for breakfast or brunch while you reminisce everything that happened during the sleepover. And then, plan the next sleepover!

“Boyish” Activities

For those who want something a bit sporty or physical, here are some activities for you:

23. Set-Up an Obstacle Course

Take cycling, skateboarding, and the like to a whole new level by setting up an obstacle course around the yard. You can use rocks, piles of leaves, cardboard boxes, and more.

24. Glow Bowling

This is a great game you can play outside or inside the house. For this, you would need ten plastic bottles of the same size or capacity. Fill each one up with water and place a glow stick. These will serve as your bowling pins. Set them up, and then use any kind of ball to knock them out!

25. Wrecking Ball

For this fun activity, you would need some paper cups and a string. Hang the string from a tree branch if you’re outside, or from the ceiling if you’re indoors. Tie a ball at the end of the string. Build a tower using the paper cups and then take turns to knock them down using the ball attached to the string.

“Girly” Activities

Best Friends

For all those with “girly” personalities, here are some great activities to do during a sleepover:

26. Facial

Before you go to bed, it would be relaxing to treat yourself with a facial. Use natural products like honey, cucumber, and tomato. Then, give each other a relaxing facial massage.

27. Foot Spa

Foot spa is also a great way to help you relax before going to sleep. Just prepare a basin filled with warm water. Prepare mild liquid soap, and then scrub each other’s feet! Don’t forget to change the water and dry your feet.

28. Color Your Nails

After a relaxing foot spa, have fun painting each other’s nails. You can play around and use different colors for each nail. Just don’t forget to ensure they’re all dried up before sleeping. Or else, your mom’s bed sheet set (view on Amazon) will be filled with hard-to-remove nail polish. Yikes!

29. Have a Makeover

Sleepovers are the perfect time to play around with makeup, lipsticks, and clothes that you can’t wear every day. Experiment with the colors and see what suits each other best. Then dress up like you’re attending a specific occasion. You might look ridiculous or prettier. Either way, you’ll have fun, and no one else is looking!

30. Make a Bracelet

Friendship bracelets never go out of fashion, and you never need to buy a pre-made one. Make your own using beads, ribbons, yarn, and more. You can do this on the carpet or couch, laying on the bed mattress, or relaxing in a durable and comfortable portable hammock (view on Amazon).

Conslusion – 30 Things to Do with Your Best Friend at a Sleepover

That’s it! Just remember that the suggested 30 things to do with your best friend at a sleepover can be mixed and matched, so choose multiple activities that will suit your idea of fun. After all, you’ll be spending hours with your best friend and staying up later than usual. Enjoy!

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