7 Best Sleep Masks for Eyelash Extensions

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Long, luxurious lashes are indeed a dream for many women. Thankfully, eyelash extensions exist, making it instantly possible to have lavish eyelashes. However, it might be a little tricky to keep those peepers in place, especially during sleep. Let’s face it: we can’t guarantee that we’ll sleep on our backs through the night. There’s always the risk of getting your lashes distorted or tangled when you sleep on your stomach or side.

A great solution to this dilemma is wearing contoured sleep masks. Not only do sleep masks block out light and help you have a restful night, but they can also protect your precious lash extensions while you sleep.

That being said, here are the best sleep masks for eyelash extensions:

Contour Sleep Mask

1. PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask

The 3D eye slots of this mask have large cavities that are excellent for keeping your eyelash extensions safe during the night. The contoured design doesn’t touch your eyelids or your lashes; therefore, it does not place any unnecessary weight on your eyes. Made from high-density memory foam, this sleep mask is lightweight and sits comfortably on the face. The PrettyCare Sleep Mask also has an adjustable strap with a velcro fastener that doesn’t tug on your hair.

If you need a sleep mask that will last you years, consider getting this mask. One user says that the PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask still looks like new after many washes. He even added that the curved design “means zero pressure on your eyes…it’s perfect for lash extensions.”

This mask also complies with Oeko-Tex standards and has no issues with a CPAP machine. Get the PrettyCare 3D Sleep Mask here (view on Amazon).

2. MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

Unlike the flat sleep masks that compress your eyelash extensions, this mask has a contoured design that cups your eyes. You can blink or open your eyes freely without worrying that you’ll mush your extensions. Even when you’re traveling, the curved design of the mask assures that your makeup won’t smudge and that your eyes won’t feel any pressure. Moreover, the MZOO Eye mask also prevents light from coming through.

If you’re searching for a strong and comfortable sleep mask that is sure to keep your lash extensions safe, this mask is a perfect choice. Check out the MZOO Sleep Eye Mask here (view on Amazon).

3. Bedtime Bliss

Aside from keeping your eyelash extensions from getting tangled, sleep masks are also chosen for their comfort. The Bedtime Bliss sleep mask has this promise, with its adjustable straps that allow for a tighter fit. Sleep masks can shift position when you’re sleeping; that’s why it’s essential to get a mask that you can adjust according to the shape of your head. Bedtime Bliss does wonderfully well on the one-size-fits-all category. One user said that the straps of the mask fit rightly “without being too tight as to give headaches.”

The mask is also contoured but provides less space compared to the PrettyCare 3D Mask. Nevertheless, it’s still enough to prevent your eyelash extensions from falling out or getting tangled.

Big on comfort, Bedtime Bliss is excellent for people who are side-sleepers. The mask contains soft padding on the sides, adding to that cozy feel. Bedtime Bliss is so comfortable that you may forget that you’re even wearing a sleep mask. So, you can be in any sleeping position you want. With this mask, you don’t have to worry about sleeping on your back the entire night.

Bedtime Bliss comes with a fabric bag and earplugs, making it travel-friendly. Get the sleep mask here (view on Amazon).


If you want a deep space for your eyelashes, the YIVIEW sleep mask has spacious eye cavities that don’t compress your lashes as flat sleep masks do. You can freely blink and open your eyes while wearing this mask. Furthermore, this mask’s internal padding is made of light memory foam for that added comfort.

Equipped with an adjustable elastic strap and a well-stitched velcro fastener, this sleep mask won’t get tousled in your hair while you’re getting that much-needed beauty rest.

YIVIEW’s contoured shape also fits well over the nose, entirely blocking out the light from slithering through little spaces. For day sleepers or other people who are conscious about light coming through the mask, YIVIEW is an excellent choice to keep your eyes in the darkness and ensure a restful night.

Users of YIVIEW commend the product for giving them a better sleep. It’s also a durable sleep mask that lasts for a long time before needing replacement. The YIVIEW sleep mask comes in a pack of three at an affordable price, perfect for friends or family.

High-quality yet reasonably priced, this sleep mask is sure to protect your beautiful lashes while you sleep. Check out the YIVIEW sleep mask (view on Amazon).

5. Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask

Don’t want a dull, boring sleep mask? The Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask is for you. This mask comes in many colors and designs, from floral to geometric patterns. After all, gorgeous-looking lashes deserve an equally pretty sleep mask.

Widely recommended in multiple blogs, the Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask is made of contoured foam. Like the previous masks above, this doesn’t touch your eyelids and lashes, which is precisely what you need to protect your lash extensions. Material-wise, this mask is made from 100% polyester interlock and 100% polyurethane molded foam, making it ultra-lightweight and latex-free.

Remember to wash this mask by hand, though, as some critical reviews say that it’s not as durable as other masks in the market. Use a mild soap and hang to dry. Despite this minor hiccup, many swear by the Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask when it comes to eyelash extension care. Check out this sleep mask (view on Amazon).

6. Mack’s Dreamweaver Sleep Mask

The concave eye pockets of Mack’s Dreamweaver sleep mask provides enough room for your eyelash extensions to breathe. The eye indentations don’t touch the lashes or the eyes, yet keeps the light from seeping through. Moreover, the nose slot contours nicely for a comfortable fit.

Compared to the other masks on this list, Mack’s Dreamweaver is equipped with two elastic straps to keep the mask in place. This feature allows a more secure fit for different head sizes without tugging or hurting the hair. The high quality, unscented padding is also a plus.

Users are happy with the durability of this mask. One review said that the mask lasted years, wearing out only after nightly use and many washes. As a bonus, Mack’s Dreamweaver Sleep Mask comes with soft foam earplugs to shut off the external noise – useful for plane rides or even snoring partners.

The distinguishing feature of this mask is the two elastic bands that make it adjustable for users to find the right fit. Other than that, it’s a comfortable and well-designed mask that does the job of protecting your eyelash extensions. Find the Mack’s Dreamweaver Sleep Mask (view on Amazon).

7. Dream Essentials Sleep Mask

If you’re a side sleeper, the fine contours of this sleep mask will work great for you. Designed with deep eye sockets, the Dream Essentials sleep mask keeps your eyelash extensions safe as you sleep – even on your side.

The inside material of the mask is made from natural cotton with inbuilt foam, while the outside is plush fabric. It feels comfy and gentle on the skin. A nifty little feature of this mask is the two small pieces of cloth affixed to the nose contour, which you can position to block any light from the outside. This ensures that there’s no light coming through from underneath, making it a suitable sleep mask for all face shapes. Most sleep masks don’t have this adjustment option, which marks it a distinctive feature of the Dream Essentials mask.

Made with interlocking fabric, this mask is easy to fold and slip in the pouch which comes with the package.

Travel-friendly, fully adjustable, and safe for eyelash extensions, this sleep mask is a great all-rounder. Get the Dream Essentials Sleep Mask (view on Amazon).

Conclusion – 7 Best Sleep Masks for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension after-care is significant for maximizing the effects of long, beautiful lashes. Extensions last about six to eight weeks, falling out along with the natural growth cycle of each lash. Therefore, it’s essential to have some form of maintenance to keep them looking good.

The sleep masks listed above are great options that will help protect your lashes while you sleep. Since extensions are likely to get mushed and fall out when they rub against your pillow or blankets, a contoured sleep mask is a preventative technique that provides a barrier between your lashes and your beddings.

With the choices above, you’re sure to find the perfect sleep mask that will keep your eyelash extensions luxurious – even as you sleep.

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