Why Do Babies Sleep With Their Bums in the Air?

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Babies will sometimes do things that make us scratch our heads. We carefully monitor every small movement, position, and sound, to make sure they are safe and comfortable, but sometimes, it concerns us. One notably cute but mysterious thing a baby does is sleep with their bums in the air. 

Why do babies sleep with their bums in the air? Babies may sleep in a position similar to how they were positioned in the womb. It is a familiar and comfortable state for them. Another reason is that they can keep warm by tucking their arms and legs underneath their bodies. This position may also help them pass gas more easily.

If you place a blanket over your baby while they sleep with their bums in the air, you may notice they eventually stretch out and move around more freely, indicating that their frog-like pose was a way to keep warm. Keep reading to find out more.

Baby Sleeping with Bum in the Air

Baby Sticking Bum in Air: Myths and More

We’re used to seeing babies with their bottoms up in the air. They do this, whether asleep or awake, and it accompanies other movements that are just too cute. Those moments when your precious one sticks their butt up and sleeps or looks through their legs is one of the best moments worth capturing. 

Old tales tell us that a baby that sticks their bum up means that the little one is asking for a sibling. Crazy as it may sound, many are still accustomed to this belief. It’s cute to hear, but it is not applicable all the time. Maybe the baby wants to stretch, or, as referenced earlier, wants to mimic the position while inside mom’s belly. Meanwhile, other parents just let the thought pass by and consider it as a regular occurrence.

Let’s now talk about the commonly asked questions about babies and their sleeping positions.

Why Do Babies Like Their Bums Patted?

Noticed how I mentioned comfort so many times? That’s one of the primary goals in getting the little one to sleep. Babies have to feel safe, secure, and comfortable so that they will be able to doze off for the right number of hours. One more thing babies love is when we pat their bums gently while singing a lullaby or playing a sweet and gentle song. It is said to remind them of mom’s heartbeat while they were still in the womb. It is also said to provide the baby with a soothing and calming feeling that can help them settle quickly to sleep. A good way is to set a rhythm with each pat and make it as gentle and slow as possible.

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Why Do Babies Throw Their Arms up While Sleeping?

Newborn Baby Sleeping with Arms Up

Another habit of babies while asleep is throwing both of their arms up. Moro reflex, also known as Startle Reflex, is a common occurrence in newborns. It is when the baby suddenly extends their arms or legs when they feel startled by sudden noise while asleep. There’s nothing to worry about for the baby can quickly go back to sleep when this happens. Check with your pediatrician if the habit disrupts your baby’s sleeping patterns.

Some babies prefer having their arms up during their entire sleep, and more often than not, it’s because they feel more comfortable and safe in this position.

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Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Needs

Taking care of babies involves endless moments of learning from references, experiences, and other people. An essential thing is to understand their sleep needs and the possible reasons behind them.

Newborns have an on and off sleeping pattern during the day and night. Babies have different sleeping durations, but it can generally take up to 16 hours of sleep in total. Babies can easily wake up, and you would need to pat them gently until they get back to sleep. You’ll notice how your baby sleeps through the night more at around six months of age. It is also the time when their daytime naps may significantly decrease. Remember to look out for sleep cues like rubbing eyes, yawning, fussiness, and eyelids drooping.

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Sleep Strategies

During your child’s toddler years, you may find it hard to get them to sleep, and you would need to come up with strategies to do so. They may involve things like establishing a nighttime routine, doing a nighttime activity to signal that it’s bedtime, and many other soothing activities.

Keep in mind that the baby’s sleep-wake cycle is not the same as yours. A lot of adjustments, patience, and understanding, can go a long way when it comes to making sure your baby gets the proper sleeping habit needed. Adequate sleep is essential for a baby’s overall development, so you should take time knowing the facts and stories behind your little one’s sleeping patterns. Remember always to include comfort, proper feeding, and routine in your baby’s sleep needs checklist.

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Toddler Sleeping Positions and Habits

Newborn Baby Sleeping with their Bum in the Air

Another great chapter in your child’s life is their toddler years. It is when you think you already know a lot, but you still don’t. Your growing baby now already shows more things you’ll be more curious about.

Their arms may dangle from the bed, be in a frog-like position, curled up awkwardly any position imaginable. Your toddler can also start forming habits during sleep.


You may also start noticing other habits such as teeth -grinding, night terror, difficulty sleeping, and waking up suddenly in the middle of the night.

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The Takeaway – Why Do Babies Sleep With Their Bums in the Air?

Let’s admit it, seeing babies with their bums up in the air has got to be the cutest, yet most awkward sleeping position ever. While there are a few specific explanations as to why babies love sleeping with their bottoms up in the air, it is okay to view it as something normal and adorable. Don’t forget to enjoy that cute moment. Babies are just either missing their first home, feeling lazy, or just want to lay down in their comfortable way.

Nevertheless, make it a habit to watch out for warning signs or associated actions that do not spell comfort for your precious little one. It’s never wrong to give your pediatrician a call or a visit if you feel that the baby’s sleeping habits are unsafe or uncommon. As parents or guardians, we should always find a balance between worrying about babies and letting things run its course. In the end, it’s all about making sure our babies are safe and comfortable while asleep.

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