Why Does My Cat Sleep on the Corner of My Bed?

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One of the responsibilities of being a fur parent is to understand your pet’s habits to notice red flags quickly. A cat sleeping on the corner of a bed may look cute, but it could probably raise some issues. Luckily for you, we have gathered some information you will surely find helpful.

Why does my cat sleep on the corner of my bed? Cats tend to sleep on the corner of the bed because of their territorial instinct and nature to stay alert. Sleeping on a corner feels private, and a chance to establish territory. It can also help cats to maintain alertness, especially if the corner they choose is near a door.

Cats are hunters. Their instinct is to hunt and find their own territory to survive. And, when it comes to territory, they will feel more secure when they feel isolated.

Why are cats territorial, anyway? Can they sleep soundly despite their vigilant nature? Read on to find out.

Cat on the Corner of the Bed

Why Does My Cat Sleep on the Corner of My Bed?

Why the corner, though? Since cats are domestic creatures, they generally want to be with their humans sometimes. That’s why many of them choose to sleep on beds. However, their territorial instinct remains active, which makes them sleep on the most isolated parts of the bed — the corners.

As for the watchful nature of cats, they easily get startled by the littlest noise. They can sleep for a total of 16 hours each day, but they’re nothing like humans who doze off completely.

The corner of your bed is the perfect spot for your cat. For starters, it’s elevated, an irresistible factor for cats when they’re looking for territories. More importantly, your pet will be able to pounce or jump the first chance they get.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Bed?

Cats usually want to be alone, so it’s quite adorable if they want to sleep beside their humans. That can be a sign of affection, but other reasons may help you keep your pet out of your bed as much as possible.

The answers are pretty straightforward — your cat needs comfort, heat, and safety. Soft sheets will feel like heaven for them. They will also feel safer when he’s next to you.

When it comes to cats’ desire to stay warm, that’s because their average body temperature is approximately 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Your pet needs to maintain that.

The problem with sharing a bed with your cat is once again related to their territorial instinct. Your pet will probably think it’s their territory, and they might suddenly get aggressive towards you.

How Do I Stop My Cat from Sleeping on My Bed?

Cat Bed

Aside from territorial aggressiveness, your cat can be a carrier of bacteria and parasites if he’s always outdoors. And, if you have allergies, it goes without saying that you should keep some distance between you and your pet.

The solution is to buy a cozy bed designed for cats. You can also try activity trees (view on Amazon) with several mini shelters.

Or, you can create a cat bed yourself to save money. Simply do the following:

  1. Find a soft, thick blanket and a box that’s slightly bigger than your cat (decorate the box if you like).
  2. Fold the blanket until it fits the box.
  3. Push the blanket into the box to secure it.
  4. Place the box on a spacious corner in your room.
  5. Introduce the box to your cat by placing them on the blanket.
  6. Encourage your cat to use their own bed by placing them there every bedtime.

Is It OK to Crate Cats at Night?

If you’re planning to use the crate instead to make things easier, you should understand a few things first.

Let’s face it – a crate can be your cat’s haven no matter what people say. At night, it can prevent a pet from hurting themselves if they go on a “hunt.” This is even more crucial if your cat is already old or ill.

However, make sure the crate is large and super-comfy. Put a soft comforter there to help your cat sleep through the night. The crate must also be large enough to contain a small litter box, a few toys, and bowls for food and water.

More importantly, don’t use a carrier as a crate. Carriers are for transport purposes only. It won’t even matter if it’s enormous. Its interior will still be stuffy.

The perfect cage for your cat should be made of wires, allowing them to see everything. Ventilation will also be superior to mesh crates.

Remember to open the crate when you wake up in the morning. Crates shouldn’t be used as a permanent home for cats.

How Do You Stop a Cat from Waking You up Every Morning?

Cat Toy

The ultimate downside to letting your cat stay in your room is the constant meowing, pawing, and rubbing first thing in the morning. Your pet may even knock some stuff off tables and shelves to create loud noises.

You really can’t blame cats; they get very hungry when they wake up. Sometimes, it isn’t even about food. Your pet is probably bored.

Fortunately, those are the clues to solve the problem. You need things that will feed and entertain the cat for you before you wake up. Consider trying out these options:

Automatic Feeder

Thanks to the timer feature of most automatic feeders, you can set it earlier than the usual time your pet tries to wake you up. That way, he’s less likely to get hungry for hours, preferably until you’re ready to start your day.

For long-term results, however, you need to set the time minutes later than the current one for every two to four days. Train your cat to wait for food longer in the morning even without an automatic feeder (view on Amazon).

At first, your cat won’t adapt to the time you set. So don’t hesitate to set the time earlier and then adjust it again after a couple of days. This training will work if you stay patient since cats can follow a new routine in the long run.

What kind of automatic feeder should you look for? Take note of these factors:

  • Cleaning convenience
  • Reliable timer
  • Compatible with both dry and wet food (dry food shouldn’t be consumed all the time to reduce the risk constipation, stones, etc.)

If your cat gets hungry fast, it may be a symptom of a serious disease. Take your pet to the vet to be sure. Possible conditions include hyperthyroidism and diabetes.

Cat-Friendly Entertainment

Here’s a bunch of items, activities, and other alternatives your cat might enjoy:

  • Cat wand: A toy with different lures such as fake insects, mice, and feathers to exercise your cat’s hunter instinct
  • Catnip toys: Perfect for independent playtime when your cat is outside your room
  • Puzzles: Food that can be easily sniffed by cats to be scattered around your home before you go to sleep
  • Adopt: A feline pal to play with your cat when boredom strikes

Now, the question is: should you close your bedroom door once your automatic feeder and cat entertainment are ready outside?

If you do that, expect some sleepless nights if your cat isn’t used to being locked out. They might yowl loudly or scratch your door.

You can open your door the first few nights, but try to put blackout curtains on each window as an additional measure. When your cat sees sunlight, they will immediately associate it with playtime or feeding.

Speaking of yowling, it can mean something else if your cat does it the whole night. If your pet is old, they may have feline dementia.

Yowling is also associated with stress. Cats easily get stressed if their routine is ruined because of training, a new home, or a new addition to the family.

Lastly, it can be a symptom of a medical problem. If you see your cat yowling on the litter box, bring them to the vet ASAP. It shows a very high possibility of a dangerous urinary condition.

Since cats produce different sounds for different situations, it’s okay if you’re unsure which one of them is a yowl.

Conclusion – Why Does My Cat Sleep on the Corner of My Bed?

Remember, cats sleep on the corner of beds because they are naturally territorial and alert even when they want to be with you as they doze off after a long day. If you want to make them sleep somewhere else, take advantage of their instincts to solve your dilemma. Create or buy their own bed and place it on a corner.

And, don’t forget that carriers are a big no-no. Resort to wire crates for desperate measures without harming your cat.

To overcome your cat waking you up every chance they get, don’t just shut the door on their faces. Leave food and toys around your home to feed and entertain them while you’re still sleeping.



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