Why Are Hotel Bed Linens So Comfortable?

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Many hotel beds are exceptionally comfortable. Upon laying down, the cool and comfortable linens immediately place you at ease. The soft comforter keeps you cozy, while the sheets provide a silky, smooth foundation. When traveling, you may never want to leave the hotel!

Why are hotel bed linens so comfortable? Many hotels use premium sheets made from a cotton and polyester blend, which create a soft and smooth surface. The materials prevent lint from forming and make them durable enough to withstand frequent washing.

Hotels want to offer the best experience to their guests so that they leave positive reviews and eventually return. Let’s dive into the reasons for why the linens they offer are so comfy.

Hotel Bed Linens

The Cotton and Polyester Blend

This blend is very beneficial when making bed linens because the combination of both allows breathable sheets instead of using polyester alone. On the other hand, using just cotton will make maintenance a challenge since it is weaker and will more likely rip, unlike using synthetic polyester.

Additionally, bed linens that use poly-cotton like Pacific Linens (view on Amazon) are more wrinkle-free than other options in the market. That is why hotels mainly use poly-cotton because it is not high-maintenance and is comfortable enough to be used by hotel guests. Bed linens with this blend do not necessarily need frequent ironing since they do not wrinkle easily.

Choosing The Right Hotel Linen

The first thing that hotel guests will notice aside from the interior decoration is how comfortable the beds are and if the linens used are soft enough to lay in. When managing a hotel, it is necessary only to use linens that will make them feel at home, and also want to return. The quality of the linens used should not be compromised. Thus, it is necessary to have a certain standard when buying one.

1. Thread Count

There are various thread counts that you have to research to determine what to choose. Typical hotel linens have a thread count of 200 that are made of light cotton and are perfect for summertime when breathable sheets are required. On the other hand, premium hotels use 600-800 thread count. These types of linens are luxurious, like what King of Cotton offers, which have a very smooth texture.

2. Fabric

As mentioned earlier, it is recommened to use a poly-cotton blend when choosing hotel linens, especially if your hotel is just starting. However, if you have the funds and are offering three to five-star service to your guests, then choosing exquisite fabrics is essential.

An example of up to par hotel linen fabric is the Percale. This type of fabric lasts longer, which is excellent for hotels that frequently wash sheets. Another choice is Sateen, which is softer than the Percale and slightly looks different texture-wise.

Choosing the right linen can be challenging, but a simple tip for deciding what’s best is to try complementing the linens to the overall design of the room.

Why are Hotel Beds Good to Sleep in?

All hotels that aim to satisfy their guests will take the time to put together a spot that will guarantee a great sleeping experience to their customers. But what exactly is the reason why hotel beds are better than what we have back home?

1. They Spend the Time to Research

Every hotel management is committed to giving the best possible service to its customers. Excellent service means doing proper research regarding the types of furniture and other things for the bed to be used. Ensuring that the stay of the guests will be worthwhile is another thing to note. Some hotels even decided to make their own specialized beds just so they can please their customers, making them come back again.

Add to that; research has shown that guests prefer having a good night’s sleep on a comfortable bed rather than having a beautiful room interior. This finding urged well-known hotels to step up and make an upgrade to make sure that their guests will have the best experience.

2. They Opted for an All-White Linen

Having an all-white ensemble can make a lot of difference to a room. Even if the overall aesthetic of the interior doesn’t work well, a white sheet can change the perception of the guests. Using white linens is viewed as a relaxing color, making the guests comfortable and helping them to sleep better. Also, this enables guests to feel that they are, indeed, in a clean environment, even if the hotel may be inexpensive. Having all-white linen makes it easier to be washed together rather than choosing other colors for the bed too, so they’re much more efficient.

How to Buy the Right Bed Sheets?

No one wants to sleep on rough linens nor a hard mattress when you are in a hotel. Also, having a bad night’s sleep is going to be bad for your business. Poor bedding is a no-no in this kind of situation, and it should be the hotel management’s main goal to do what will please their customers. However, to buy the right sheets, you should also have the right amount of budget as these kinds of things require ample investment. Proper sheets ensure that they will not easily tear after guests use it several times. You should purchase something that lasts, so this is not the time to go steep on your budget.

What Type of Fabric Should I Buy?

There are many, different types of fabrics to choose from, but the most famous are Sateen and Percale. Now, let us compare each of them and see the difference and benefits that both make to make the sleeping experience of hotel guests better.


  • Sateen is very similar to satin. However, this fabric is much more inexpensive while still having a silky and durable texture.
  • It gives off a sheen, unlike the Percale which has a matte finish texture.
  • The fabric is heavier, thus making it comfortable for people to sleep in because of its snugly effect on its users.
  • Sateen is wrinkle-resistant, making it convenient for housekeepers to prepare the bed in a short time.

Feather & Stitch’s (view on Amazon) sheets use Sateen to provide comfort for guests. Homemakers can purchase them so they can experience the same thing. If making the bed every morning is a hassle for a busy person like yourself, having this kind of bed sheet will make you do it faster.


  • Percale is a fabric with a matte finish and is breathable enough to be used during the summertime.
  • Because it is not as heavy as Sateen, it gives off a cool feeling to users and is ideal in places with a tropical climate.
  • It does not easily pill even if you have washed it a lot of times already. This makes it a perfect sheet to buy for those that want something long-lasting and, at the same time, making guests have a pleasant stay.
  • It keeps the guests cool during summer and cozy during winter. The balance is perfect for those people who are finding bed sheets that have a dual purpose.

Percale works well with rooms that have a modern aesthetic design. It is because of its matte look. It is well-loved by people who own one because of its soft and smooth texture. To see what it looks like, check out Peru Pima (view on Amazon), and you can also check its texture to see if it suits your taste.

How to Make Yours Look Like a Five-Star Hotel Bed

If you’re searching for the perfect night’s sleep or thinking of opening a hotel or Airbnb for travelers, you want to have only the best. Here are some of the ways that you can follow to achieve a premium looking bed.

1. Keep The Bed Simple

We have discussed using an all-white ensemble above. However, it is still your choice if you want to add character in your room by mixing and matching different colors. But in this case, keeping it simple by using basic colors or neutral ones to achieve a relaxing spot is ideal. Besides, this is also what you often see in hotels.

2. Achieve Five-Star Appearance

To do this, you must invest in duvet covers and start to layer everything on your bed. Some people also add pillows to make it look larger. Adding duvets on your bed will make it look more comfortable to sleep in.

3. Add a Bed Skirt

Hotels often use a bed skirt, but this is optional, especially if you don’t have much space.

There is quite a lot to be done in your room if you want it to achieve that luxurious look. You have to consider changing the color of your walls as well as the furniture. But starting to change your sheets will make you see what to change in your room when you start renovating. Consider the suggestions above, and choose what kind of linen works for you. These ideas are surely a good start in making a comfortable bed.

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