What Does It Mean When I Fall Asleep and He Stays on the Phone?

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Saying goodnight and hanging up the phone can be difficult, especially if it’s with the person you love. There may exist a feeling of losing them forever once disconnected.

If he stays on the phone when you fall asleep, it’s a good sign that he really likes you. Here are some reasons why:

  • He is comforted by your breathing
  • He wants to know that you are safe
  • He would feel guilty if he hung up
  • He wants you to know that he is there for you
  • He enjoys your company
  • He is lonely
  • He deeply cares about you
  • You’re in a long distance relationship
  • He is unaware that you are asleep
  • He forgot to turn off the phone
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Your Breathing Soothes Him

The sound of your breathing helps him get to sleep. Listening to someone else breathe can be a great way to manage stress and become calm. It also encourages positive emotions. When breathing is synchronized between two people, it can help reduce heart rate to a normal level. While you sleep, your breathing is very controlled and relaxed. When he matches it, his heart rate decreases and will feel more at peace.

He Wants To Makes Sure That You Are Safe

He may want to make sure that you’re safe and that nothing will harm you. By staying on the line, he’ll know if a problem arises such as a noise or intruder. Even though this may be unlikely, he nevertheless, wants to protect you. If your breathing gets heavier, he may think that you’re dreaming or having a nightmare. In that case, he may whisper soothing words, such as, “It’s okay” or “I’m here” to help calm you down.

He Doesn’t Want to Hang-Up First

Being the first to hang up may make him feel guilty. He doesn’t want to abandon you in case you wake up and find out he’s not there. Since you fell asleep with the phone on, he doesn’t want to leave you unannounced or without a proper goodbye.

When two people that are close with each other talk on the phone, it’s sometimes difficult to end the call. It may feel like you are departing from each other indefinitely. Since there was no initial “goodbye” said before you went to sleep, he doesn’t want to hang up.

He Enjoys Your Company

Even though you are asleep, he still enjoys your presence and is comforted by being with you. The sounds you make while you sleep are familiar to him and make him feel comforted.

He is Lonely

It’s normal to feel lonely when you are not with your significant other. You both get so used to having each other around that when all of a sudden you’re alone, there exists an feeling of emptiness. Staying on the phone gives him comfort that you are still with him.

He Deeply Cares About You

He loves you and wants to spend as much time with you as possible. When you fall asleep on the phone, he feels that he is still with you.

You’re in a Long Distance Relationship

When one partner goes away for a while, it can be a big change. The presence you once knew so well is no longer there. He may be searching for any possible way or reason to feel like you are together in the same room again. One of these ways is by staying on the phone as long as possible, even while you sleep. Just to know you are there provides comfort and companionship.

Other Reasons

Here are some other reasons that may not sound very positive, but are likely scenarios:

He is Unaware That You Are Asleep

During really long conversations, he may have put the phone on speaker while doing homework or reading a book. It’s common for a late night conversation to have long periods of silence. He may be simply unaware that you have fallen asleep.

He Forgot to Turn Off The Phone

This happens. He may have started playing a video game, put the phone down, and totally forgot about it.

Is It Creepy?

If you’re wondering whether it is creepy or not, it depends. For the most part, many would agree that it’s cute. If both you and your significant other have been together for a while, then it’s perfectly normal that he wants to stay with you while you sleep. Even if you haven’t been together for a long time but are very close to each other, it’s a sweet gesture. It may be creepy if you guys just met, or there’s some obscure reason for why he wants to stay on the line. In that case, simply ask him about it.

Why Do I Fall Asleep On The Phone?

Sometimes when conversations go late into the night, or just for long periods of time, you may fall asleep. There can be many reasons for this:

  • You are very tired
  • You are comfortable enough with him
  • The conversation is relaxing
  • It is late at night

When two people are dating for a while, they often want to wish each other goodnight before bed. These conversations are usually very relaxing and can often drift into a long, silent lull. Being in such a relaxed state, it is easy to fall asleep with the phone still resting on your cheek. The same could apply if you two were together in bed and having a late night conversation.

You may think what you did was rude, but it just means that you’re comfortable with him. When you sleep, you place yourself in a vulnerable state, even if it’s just over the phone. You trust and allow him to listen to you while you’re in that state. He realizes this and wants you to know that you can be comfortable around him.

If you’re unsure why he stays on the phone, simply ask him about it. This is a good chance to strengthen your relationship.

Related Question

What does it mean if my boyfriend falls asleep while I am talking to him?

If it’s at night, it’s understandable that he would fall asleep from being tired. He cares about you and is willing to stay on the phone until he just cannot fight the urge to stay awake any longer. It’s also a sign that he is very comfortable and relaxed around you. Conversations between a couple can have lots of silent lulls, where you just listen to each other breathing. If you have been talking on the phone for longer than an hour, it would make sense that he would doze off eventually, regardless of the conversation. Look at the possible scenarios. Does he work in labor, or a very physical job? If so, that would also explain why he would fall asleep without notice. Also, how often does this happen? Maybe it has turned into a routine for him. The sound of your voice may be very soothing and helpful for him getting to sleep. If it happens often, ask him about it. Avoid jumping to conclusions and thinking the worst before analyzing the situation. He may care about you more than you think.

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