Is It Okay to Sleep With Earrings In?

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If you’re fond of wearing jewelry, surely, at some point in your life, you’ve been lazy enough to take it off because you can’t wait to shut your eyes. Some say it is a no-no, but when it comes to necklaces, you can safely wear one to sleep depending on the type of necklace you are wearing. Now, the greatest debate is whether or not you can sleep with your earrings still attached to your ears.

So, is it okay to sleep with earrings in? This is both a yes and a no. One thing to consider is the type of earrings you’re wearing. You must not sleep with a hoop, dangling, and heavy pair, but you can do so with stud earrings. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure your earrings are clean.

With that said, whether you intend to wear your earrings to sleep or you’re a busy person, and there is a possibility that you’ll forget to remove your earrings before sleeping, you must learn the proper way of sleeping with your earrings still attached. You must also know the possible bad effects of sleeping with your earrings on, even if it’s clean.

Is It Bad to Wear Earrings While You Sleep?

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As mentioned, wearing your earrings while sleeping can be possible, but you have to make a note of the negative effects of doing so. Some of them are:

1. Skin Irritation, Allergies, and Infections

People who sweat too much when they sleep, especially those suffering from sleep conditions and taking particular medications, are at high risk of developing skin infection and irritation. When you sweat, it will accumulate in the pierced earlobe hole, making it a good home and breeding site for microorganisms due to the level of moisture in it.

Similarly, the friction between your ears and the earring posts will irritate or hurt your earlobe skin or your ears as a whole. This situation is especially true for individuals who’ve just gotten their ears pierced. Thus, professionals suggest that you remove the earrings and let your newly-pierced ears heal by taking off your earrings before sleeping.

Additionally, earrings can be made of pure gold or silver, as well as gold or silver mixed with other metals. Some individuals have allergies to certain metals, and if you’re one of them, exposure to what metal you’re allergic to for a prolonged period will cause irritation, itchiness, rashes, flakes, scales, and/or worse, blisters.

Further, if the earring posts get tarnished and turn black, your ear skin will also turn black or be discolored.

2. Damaged and Lost Earrings

Wearing your earrings while sleeping will most likely lead to you damaging your jewelry, especially the prongs. If you have studded earrings, the stones may also be detached and lost.

Likewise, your stud earrings might be removed from your ears and get lost in your bed, which will be challenging to find. That is most especially true if you have long hair since the earrings can get tangled to your hair, which can then be pulled out when you toss or turn.

The possibility of losing your earrings is also due to you unconsciously hitting, scratching, or rubbing your ears with your hands while you’re asleep.

3. Saggy, Pulled, or Split Earlobes

Naturally, your earlobes will sag as you age due to the decrease in elastin and collagen, plus sun exposure. Luckily, this can be prevented by moisturizing and applying sunblock on your ears regularly. However, earlobe sagging is also possible if you wear heavy earrings, whether while sleeping or throughout the day, and this incident is hard to prevent.

In addition, when you sleep with any earrings, you might pull or split your earlobes. Remember that when you’re asleep, you’re not fully aware of what’s going on. You can toss and turn and accidentally pull your earrings out.

Although saggy, pulled, and split or torn earlobes can be resolved surgically, it would cost you money.

4. Uncomfortable and Poor Quality Sleep

Whether or not you’re a deep sleeper, wearing a pair of earrings while sleeping will affect your sleep quality. One is that the sharp edges of your sleepings might poke or jab your skin, which can wake you up. If you’re a light sleeper, though, the effects will be worse since you’ll feel every poke or jab, so you’ll wake up more frequently.

5. Snagged or Torn Sheets

One of the problems with wearing earrings while you sleep is that your bed sheets, blankets, or pillowcases might get damaged. The sharp edges of your earrings can get caught up to any of those, and when you move, it can snag or tear them. That is, even if you have one of the most durable and highest quality bedding sets (view on Amazon).

How to Sleep With Earrings Comfortably and Safely

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With the possible negative effects of sleeping with your earrings still attached, it is undeniable that there will always be moments when you can’t help it because of exhaustion or bad days. As such, here are some of the ways to help you prevent the possible uncomfortable and unhealthy consequences of sleeping with your earrings in:

1. Clean Your Earrings Regularly

One of the purposes of removing your earrings is to allow you to clean them, especially the posts and backings, since it is where sweat and microorganisms might accumulate. The earrings themselves also get dirty due to exposure to dirt, dust, and others.

Since there is a high chance that you might not remove your earrings before going to sleep, make sure you remove your earrings before taking a shower and then clean them. If you don’t have enough time, you can just wipe your earrings with antibacterial wipes. It would also help if you wipe your earlobes, especially where the piercings are, with the same wipes or cotton soaked in alcohol.

When you have enough time, such as during weekends or off from work, it is best to soak your earrings, with backings removed, in warm water.

2. Be Mindful of Your Sleeping Position

As noted earlier, one of the issues of sleeping with your earrings still attached is the sharp edge jabbing to your skin. That is true when you sleep on your sides and stomach. Therefore, you must make it a habit to sleep on your back.

3. Purchase Specialty Backings

Undoubtedly, your pair of earrings will come with designated backings, but you can replace them with backings made and designed to help you sleep comfortably while wearing your earrings. There are a lot of brands and styles available in the market, so you can choose a design that you want or matches the style of your earrings.

That said, these specialty earrings come in two different general forms. One is a flat backing that has a screw-on lock, while another is a backing crafted with silicone or rubber. Both backing types help block the sharp edges of your earrings so that you can sleep comfortably and safely in whatever position you want.

Earrings with specialty backings are also not easy to remove, assuring you that they stay in place even when you toss and turn while you’re asleep.

4. Tie or Pull Your Hair Up

Some of you, especially if you have long hair, often prefer not to tie or pull your hair up, but when you wear your earrings while sleeping, this is a bad idea. Your hair might get tangled to your earrings, leading not just to hair breakage and tagging, but also earrings coming off and earlobe sagging and tearing.

5. Use a Specialized Pillow

Today, we are fortunate enough because of product innovations and pillows are no different. If you prefer to sleep or cannot help but sleep with your earrings still attached, you have four pillow options.

One is the U-shape pillow that you usually use when traveling. Since it supports your neck well, it not only prevents the contact between your ears and other items, but it also helps you get used to sleeping on your back.

Your second pillow option is the one with a ring shape, which will help prevent your earlobes from pressing against and touching any items. Another option is the so-called ear infection pillow. It is a foam-based pillow that also has a ring shape. Aptly named, it helps prevent ear infections because your ears rest on the center part.

That said, if using any of the three pillows seems too drastic of a change for you, you can opt for typical pillows with a recessed region. You can also find a pillow with an ear hole (view on Amazon) to help you sleep comfortably on your sides, even with your earrings.

The Takeaway – Is It Okay to Sleep With Earrings In?

At this point, you already have a clear answer to the question, “Is it okay to sleep with earrings in?”, which is a yes as long as you keep some things in mind. They are safety, comfort, and protection of your beddings by making sure you purchase the right backings, clean your earrings, sleep on your back or change your pillows, and pull your hair up. By practicing all and any of those, you can prevent the possible consequences of sleeping with your earrings still attached.

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